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May 17, 2005

Story Time #4

(edit: Wednesday – 10 AM: My boy, Salman Faiz, recently wrote an email to Italian Express in the wake of the latter’s launching of a restaurant website wherein he expressed his utter frustration about a certain matter. Here, you can read it for yourself:


To Whom it May Concern –
After viewing your website, I am very disspointed to see
that your hottest seller, the Spicy and Non-spicy gyro, was
not mentioned on the home page.

I feel as though this was a bad move and very disrespectful
to all the people who come to Italian Express, who travel
long distances, who spend their hard-earned money, and the
list goes on.

Please do your best to add this food item to the main home

Thank you.

The Privilege of Service

It was a clear, silent night in Madinah as the dry palm leaves gently rustled in the soft fanning of the desert wind and countless stars twinkled like tiny beacons of light in a blanket of darkness in the sky. Silence permeated the night air and the entire atmosphere breathed repose.

Madinah was sleeping…

…except for a tall and stout man who was out silently moving through the different quarters of the city. Suddenly, he stopped when he heard the wailing of a woman in distress. He followed the sound and found that it came from a tent and saw a bedouin man sitting there full of fear and anxiety. He enquired of his whereabouts and of the cause of the cry. The owner of the tent replied, “We are bedouins from Tihama and have heard that the Caliph is a great friend of the poor. We have travelled all this way to seek his help and arrived this evening. From that time, my wife has been suffering labor pains. I am alone with her and a stranger in this land, I do not know what to do now.”

The unknown visitor told the man to wait here and hastily went away. Within a short time, he returned with a bag of provisions, accompanied by a woman fully equipped with everything required to deliver the child. The woman immediately entered the tent and set to her task. The visitor began to unpack the bag and called over the bedouin to begin the task of preparing the evening meal.

Shortly thereafter, the woman emerged from the tent and cried out in joy, “O Prince of the Believers (Ya Ameer ul-Mu’mineen)! Congratulate your friend, he is now the father of a son.”

The bedouin looked at his visitor in shock–“Prince of the Believers? Who is Prince of the Believers?”–and stood apart trembling with fear. The Caliph `Umar–for it was none other than he–walked over to the man, patted him on his back, and assured him that he had nothing to fear.” The woman who had delivered the child had now finished preparing the meal and began to get the food ready for the bedouin and his wife.

The bedouin asked `Umar, “Who is this woman?” He replied, “She is my wife, Umm Kulthum.”  The bedouin burst into tears of gratitude and was about to fall on the feet of the Caliph, but `Umar pulled him up affectionately and said:

“Thank not me, my friend, but thank that Allah Who in the amplitude of His Mercy has given this humble servant of His the privilege of serving you. We will now leave you and your wife, but come see me tomorrow in the mosque. I shall see what else I can do to help you.”

Subhanallah, little wonder that the Prophet (salallahu `alayhi wa sallam) said: “If there were a Prophet after me verily it would be `Umar.”

Currently Reading
The Universe in a Nutshell
By Stephen William Hawking
Note: For those of you on summer break, read A Brief History of Time and then this book if you want some solid Iman-boosters…



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  1. Mashallah…Caliph Umar was quite a pointy-eared squirrel…

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Man if we had leaders with the hikma and compassion of the companions of the Prophet, we would be living in a Eutopia.

  3. thx for request

  4. stories like this bring a solemn smile to my face / as i marvel at the compassion, generosity, and grace / of a ruler at once so humble and high-placed / whose footsteps our own leaders ought to turn to and trace / (yknow, the high-ups, the low-ups, and the you’s, me’s, and we’s / and the msa presidents, who ought to feed their hungry constituencies)
    Radiallahu Ta’aala ‘an Ameer ul Mu’mineen

  5. 2 eProps for the length of this post.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    I agree with Saqib.
    Good post on this Kr. May Allah bless you with many eprops.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Ameen to saqib and hisham…

  8. I want more stories! More! Ignore these people who don’t appreciate your long posts.
    I read Brief History of Time… wow, you’re right, that book is an Iman booster

  9. see, this can be applied to all realms.  if i ever become a corporate hot shot, i hope to use these stories as the corporate model for interactions between employees, managers, and the business relationship to the community.  Insh’Allah.

  10. see, this can be applied to all realms.  if i ever become a corporate hot shot, i hope to use these stories as the corporate model for interactions between employees, managers, and the business relationship to the community.  Insh’Allah.

  11. Truly Amazing people…and to think that the only way we can meet them is if we get ourselves into Paradise.Definitely something to strive for.

  12. chicken pox.

  13. wow. may Allah allow us the maqaam of servitude to Him and to bani aadam.

  14. thats a good book.. universe in a nutshell.

  15. is it just me or is the italianexpress website misleading??  how can a restaurant with such a nice website not be as nice to dine in?? (btw, got nothing against IE food, but the restaurant itself could use a facelift… and a lysol miracle)

  16. Anonymous permalink

    salman faiz wrote that?

  17. Anonymous permalink

    note to myself: read the first sentence before jumping to the letter…

  18. Anonymous permalink

    that website is inaccurate.. IE opened up way before 1987.. pshhh.. they didn’t even give my dad any props..
    nice story tho

  19. Anonymous permalink

    nice story. you know Umar (R) was #40-something in Michael Hart’s book The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History? Prophet Muhammad (S) was #1 and Isa (A) was #3 (i think the Chinese guy who invented paper was #2, but i’m not sure).

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Brilliant! Now I can make that my homepage, and that sexy looking design my desktop.

  21. That story is just as beautiful and resonant now as when i read it eight years ago. Thanx for the reminder. …. And the Chinese guy who invented paper is #6 in Hart’s book. Isaac newton is #2.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Ooh, I remember this. My father was the one that told this story to me – and he told it so beautifully that it made me cry.

  23. mashaAllah, nice post…keep em coming

  24. Anonymous permalink

    vhat’s upp

  25. Anonymous permalink

    mashallah that is a really nice story.. and the one below too about standing up from laying down.. but what does it mean if u stand up and u feel mad dizzy?  like ur blood pressure is to low ?

  26. its a transient decrease in blood flow to your brain… usually taht corrects itself automatically, otherwise we’d all faint and fall down everytime we stood up

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