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May 7, 2005

Where Do We Go From Here?

The old adage is correct… a picture is indeed worth a thousand words:

Captain Kirk, playin with that bruise under his left eye… what a freakin soldier

I tip my hat to you Arenas, that was one hell of a shot you hit in Game 5… but come on guys, those flamer shirts that you all pulled out after Game 6 as if you had won the NBA Finals?? Ultra pathetic.

I applaud you TC… playin with that dislocated finger. Work on a jump shot within 15 feet of the basket and you’ll be a monster in this league

No-cee-oh-nee… my Argentinian boy… how bout more consistency next year? And don’t let what people say about you (as the Wizards talked trash about you after Game 1) phase you from bein the stud that you are… take a lesson from me =). Remember that none of those pathetic Wizards players have a gold medal like you do.


In the wake of the 94-91 loss to the Washington Wizards in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, I guess I only have one feeling about my beloved Chicago Bulls (aka the BAY BEE BULLS): I’m thankful… though I’m wondering if Ben Gordon missed the flight to Washington or something… cause I don’t think he even showed up to the game tonight.

I’m proud of a team that bounced back from an 0-9 start, played and relied on 4 rookies, came together as a team and played the game the way it should be played: hard-nosed defense, playing your role, and putting the team ahead of yourself. Scott Skiles may not get the Coach of the Year award, but all the credit in the world has to be given to him for turning this team around in such a short time span. The mentality of losing had become a Chicago-sunnah (tradition) in the past 7 years–Skiles retaught the team (and the city) about thinking like winners before you can actually become one. The players themselves were simply outstanding, given that we didn’t have as much talent as the other teams in the NBA (such as Minnesota, Los Angeles, etc), yet, by playing the game the right way, the Bulls found themselves in the playoffs while other superstars like Kobe, KG, and LeBron, could only watch the games on their plasma tv’s. This year’s Bulls’ roster was filled with players who all maximized their potential and played their hearts out, night in and night out. Players like “Captain” Kirk Hinrich, Ben Gordon, and Eddy Curry may have led the team and helped them get this far… but consider how the role players always stepped up when their number was called. The Pargos and Griffins… always seemed to step up when they were needed.

I think that’s what was so great about this year’s team: they had such heart and resilience that reminded me of the type displayed by Jordan’s Bulls of the 90’s. This was perhaps exemplified the best tonight by Chris Duhon, who despite his sore back, played his heart out in a gutsy performance that deserves recognition and applause… all year, he played like exactly like that… and when you consider how many second round picks (or even first rounders) contributed to their team like Duhon did, that guy deserves a big fist in the air.

Don’t feel bad guys. I was pretty disappointed with how Game 6 ended… to be up the whole game and have to lose the game on such a busted play like that. But then my mom, bein Umm Kamran that she is, astutely pointed out: “Even Jordan’s Bulls had to lose 3-4 years to the Pistons before they started winning championships.” My mom should be an ESPN analyst… she’d be better than Steven A. Smith or Greg Anthony.

Anyway, to get to the point of this post, where do we go from here?

1. Considering the nucleus of the team is still young and has a lot of potential left in them, the key thing in the off-season is to maintain this core. I think re-signing Chandler is huge, and once we know about the condition of Eddy’s heart, given how he played over the course of the year and made huge strides in terms of his development on and off the court… I’d say to re-sign Eddy as well (something which I would’ve never thought I’d say back in November).

2. Teach Ben Gordon to play some defense. I know I’m being harsh on the Sixth Man of the Year and a guy who single-handedly won games for us… but if Ben can learn to play some solid defense, he wouldn’t have to be taken out of the game. I’d say that for the next 2 months, don’t let him touch a basketball… instead have him work on moving his feet and playing defense so that he becomes a complete player.

3. Do the opposite to Duhon: the guy’s got great defense, excellent court savvy, amazing court vision and decision-making, and admirable heart… however, he’s got no jump shot. I’d say for the next two months, make him shoot a thousand jumpers a day so that next year teams wouldn’t dare leave him open to double down on Eddy or help out on Hinrich penetrating cause they’d fear his burying that three.

4. Off-Season Acquisitions: John Paxson has to be commended for turning the franchise around by bringing in players with winning mentalities. He’s made some great personnel decisions, so I’m pretty sure he’ll make some wise moves in the offseason. Foremost amongst this is to sign a free agent who will make an immediate impact. In order of priority, I’d say that this decision all depends on the status of Eddy; however, even if we don’t resign Eddy, we need to bring in another quality big man, someone like Shareef Abdur-Rahim, who can start at power forward. Equally as important would be to bring in a big (meaning, 6’5″ or so) shooting guard to match up with the big guards of the East. In the series with the Wiz, as great as our guards played, the Wizards’ guards were able to have their way on offense simply because they had the height advantage. Bringing in a big guard (can we say Michael Redd?) would allow Hinrich to play the point, a position he’s more suited to play and we can continue to have Gordon come off the bench to provide firepower and energy (sorta like a Bobby Jackson type of player). Considering that the Bulls don’t draft in the 1st or 2nd round this year, a free agent or trade is almost necessary to take this team to the next level.

5. Give Skiles an extension on his contract.

6. Hire Scottie Pippen as a full-time announcer… it was great to see Pippen on TV once again, as it brought back the great memories of the 90’s.

7. Hire kr as the team doctor… I mean, that’d be my dream job and even though I don’t have my MD yet, at least I’d get courtside tickets to every game…

BAY BEE BULLS… thanks for the memories. Come back with a vengeance in November.

And I hope that the Heat sweep the annoying Wizards.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t wait for November….

  2. Anonymous permalink

    lol…respect to the Bulls man…respect…

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Good Stuff KR. Its okay your stealing my thunder. But a good post regardless.

  4. good post.KR

  5. this was a nice reassurance post after a tough game/but it’s scary for me to think about how things won’t stay the same/to get that shooting guard old paxy’d pick up in a snap/some kids are gonna have to go to clear room beneath the cap/and while they may be those more likely, such as my baby pargo/it could be the ones you’d less expect, God-forbid our boy B.Go/in either case i don’t think bennie’s earned the right to start/and frankly he looked too downright scurred last game to do his part/but i have confidence in a team that has such heart and skill and style/so let’s make sure we keep the “nucleus” and supa Skiles-IJB

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Use some damn punctuation.

  7. slashes are the mark of poetic citation/and fyi, they also are punctuation

  8. nice web though,,, r u gd at basketball??

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