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April 19, 2005

Did They Clone kr?

I was gonna post Part II to the springtime reflections… but this was too good to pass up. Inshallah I’ll put that up in a few days.

So QueenRooji found this picture of this fellow from Oman on … apparently this guy looks like me.

Those of you who have access to the site (and I know some of you do…) can check out the complete profile hereThis is too funny, so I’ve kept the commentary to a minimum.

I swear to God this isn’t me… I swear I haven’t been masquerading as an Omanese bachelor on matrimonial sites…

HINAI_11’s Profile


atamnna an atarraf ala fatah arabia lekeyi nakun azdakah wa habaib.hi to all. i m an innocent omani looking forward to meeting my soulmate here..well i m not accustomed to such stuffs yet i m on the move..


General Information

Gender Male
Location Behla, Al Mintaqah ad Dakhiliyah, Oman
Age 29

Profile Demographics

Height 5′ 6″ (167 cm)
Build I’ll tell you later  (hahahahhahaha)
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Relationship Status Single – never been married
Children 0
Children home 0
Smoking Never
Drinking Never
Religion Islamic / Muslim
Education Master’s degree
Field of Work teacher
Ethnicity Arab
Native Language Arabic
Originally From Oman

Fun Facts

Music World
Movie Horror
Outdoor activity Automobiles/Motorcycles
Indoor activity Reading
Time of year Fall
Food Anything chocolate
Self-description A romantic dreamer (awww)
Looks Nice looking
Mentality Bright
Politics Moderate
Great getaway A romantic walk in Paris
Living quarters Apartment
Like to live A house on the beach
Timeliness I’m star of the show.   <—– (best answer ever)
Planning I plan most things, but I am flexible
As for fashion I don’t need advice! (of course not, you’re a stud, mashallah…)

My Ideal Match

Age Between 18 and 30 years old
Distance Any
Height Between 4′ 8″ (142 cm) and 6′ 0″ (182 cm) (not very specific there eh buddy?
Body Type Average
Education Bachelor’s degree
Relationship Status Single – never been married
Religion Islamic / Muslim
Ethnicity Arab, Middle Eastern, Native American (native american??)
Smoking Never
Drinking Never


What have past relationships taught you?

love and be loved

Describe some of the most important things in your life:

my parents, my oman, and my car

Describe your perfect day:

driving on a slippery zigzag road




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  1. Anonymous permalink

    damn right that isnt you…youre not HALF da nigga this guy is…

    <TR class=header>
    <TH class=”first fieldfull”>Describe your perfect day:
    driving on a slippery zigzag road
    WHOO zigzag roads!

  2. man.. I am SOO signing up on that website!!
    NUH is right.
    wow.. that picture is amazing.

  3. That guy reminds me of a squirrel.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    hes just a “innocent omani” lookin fo loooveee  :tear:

  5. I don’t believe you KR. You’ve been masquerading on matrimonial websites again, haven’t you?

  6. Is he a bad guy too?

  7. one word: busted

  8. you’re lucky he looks like you.. because of HIM you’re marriage stock has just tripled.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    This guy looks so much more sexier than the short, lame version of him that we know that lives in Hinsdale.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    haha hilarious stuff

  11. LMAO I’m dying of laughter over here…sorry you can tell i was really bored.

  12. LMAO I’m dying of laughter over here…sorry you can tell i was really bored.

  13. hahahahahaha, that is too funny
    i think that guy is better looking than you KR

  14. i like his turban.

  15. Thank you for telling us with greater accuracy just how sexually attractive you find this man Hisham.
    I think the scores girls that have been rejected by Kamran through the years will now try to contact him :). Hurry ladies, time is running out, get your Kamran look-alike before supplies run out. Why not get all the best of kamran without the drawbacks, this man appears humble, kind, caring, and as he is not in medicine will have more time for the kids. This man will be free to devote himself to his wife and children as opposed to kamran whose priorities will doubtless be his Xanga, his medical career, and his mirror. It is like Kamran without the conceit and the hectic work schedule, what are you waiting for ladies (and Hishams) …! 🙂

  16. omani, not omanese

  17. Anonymous permalink

    lol Omani. lol heheh
    Who the hell is mode213?

  18. Anonymous permalink

    thats it he’s coming to speak for our msa

  19. Anonymous permalink

    This is funny.

  20. hahahahahahahhahahah, lol.

  21. DUDE ITS U!!! hahahha, they cloned KR!!!

  22. salam

    <TABLE class=norowlines>
    <TD class=”field alignright”>Outdoor activity
    <TD>Automobiles/Motorcycles ^ haha fun stuff.
    that guy’s turban is cute. anyway loved ur previous entry…spring rocks. it was just last week the trees all seemed dead… (well like 2 weeks ago) as i got off the bus i looked @ the trees on monday, the lil leaves seemed just born, and by friday, bAM everything was green it was crazy. 😀

  23. wait…you didn’t make this up, did you?

  24. no prob anytime

  25. pagal pana, pure pagal pana

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