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April 8, 2005

Story Time #2

1. From the Miftah al-Falah wa Misbah al-Arwah of Ibn `Ata’illah al-Sikandari:

The eminent scholar writes: Al-Jurayri said: “One of our friends (i.e., mystics) used to say ‘Allah, Allah’ frequently. One day, a tree trunk fell on his head and fractured his skull (kr’s diagnosis: epidural hematoma due to laceration of the middle meningial artery?). The blood spilled on the ground (so as to) spell ‘Allah, Allah’.

2. Allama Shibli and the Lions (Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Shibli was a famous Sufi and a Faqih (Jurist) in the Maliki school… Imam al-Junayd says of him: “Do not look at ash-Shibli with the eye by which you look at others.” He said, “Every people has a crown and the crown of these people is ash-Shibli.”

One time, an unjust ruler of the land decreed that the saint should be thrown to the lions. The lion had the shaykh’s head in his mouth and yet the shaykh did not quiver or cry out. Allah had decreed that he should be saved and thus when the ruler saw the lion would not kill him, he freed al-Shibli.

Someone later asked him, “What went through your mind when your head was in the lion’s mouth?”

The shaykh replied: “I was trying to remember the fiqhi ruling on the cleanliness of lion saliva, and whether or not I would have to make wudu (minor ablution) or ghusl (major ablution) if I were to escape the encounter.”

3. Finally, a story about holding it down (Alti, you’ll love this one)… I’ve heard this story also mentioned with the ruler being Umar b. al-Khattab… but my source here is the Hirak Har of Ibn Hisham (no, not Hisham’s unborn child, the eminent scholar who compiled his teacher Ibn Ishaq’s Sirah, the first biography of the Prophet…)

A young Bedouin was once brought into the court of Noman, the ruler of Bahrain, by two brothers who said that the Bedouin had killed their father. The Bedouin admitted to the guilt of his crime, saying that he had killed their father as a retaliation for the old man having killed his camel. He then asked the ruler for a respite for few days, stating that he had young brothers under his care and he had to return to them and ensure their livelihood as he was the only one who knew where the family treasure was buried. He pleaded to Noman that he be allowed to return home to attend to these matters and that he would return later to face his punishment.

Noman said that he would not allow him to leave unless the Bedouin could have someone stand in his place as surety. The Bedouin felt embarassed and said that  he knew no one in the court, and that none of the court knew him. He then said, “But if anyone be pleased to stand my surety, I say on oath, I will return in time.”

Noman’s brother stepped forward and said, “I offer myself as surety for this young man (ie, the Bedouin).”

Noman suddenly turned to him and remarked: “Foolish man, have thought of the peril your indiscretion will lead you into, if this unknown Bedouin fails to return?”

His brother replied: “I have fully contemplated the possible consequences. But I feel conviced that the young man will return. And even if he fails to return, you will not be humiliated since your brother will sacrifice his life for an unknown, unrelated desert youth. I do not want it for future peoples to say that Muslims would not stand up for their brother.”

Noman relented and told the Bedouin to return after some time. When the appointed hour for his return came, there was no sign of the convicted criminal. Everyone grew restless and people were whispering, “Who has ever heard of a murderer willingly jump into the jaws of death?” Noman’s brother grew sad and the ruler himself became depressed. The executioner unsheathed his sword and Noman’s brother prepared himself for his death.

Suddenly, a dark speck was seen on the horizon, approaching the crowd with much haste. As the rider approached, the crowd was shocked to see that it was the Bedouin, rushing to his own death. The rider, panting and perspiring, dismounted and the exhausted youth dragged himself in front of the ruler and said: “Forgive me, O Protector of the Universe (ie, Noman)! My family opposed my return and sought to prevent me from coming. I had to trick and escape them to make it here. Let me surety be set free. I do not want it to be said by later peoples that Muslims would not keep up their word.”

Noman’s brother said: “This unknown young man prayed for time on a most reasonable ground. None, however, agreed to stand surety for him. That is why I went forward. But this unlettered denizen of the desert has surpassed me in the nobility of his soul.”

The murdered man’s sons stepped forward and pleaded with the ruler that the Bedouin should be forgiven. They said: “Should the monopoly of the nobility of the soul  belong to these two men only? Have we not even a faint spark of it in our soul? We forgive the Bedouin lest it be said by later peoples that Muslims would not forgive one another.”

Noman accepted their request and forgave the Beduoin, remarking, “Set the Bedouin free. I would not want it to be said by future peoples that Muslim rulers were not compassionate and forgiving.” He ordered the Bedouin to be set free, and paid the blood-money to the sons out of his own personal wealth.

As Alti wrote on his website: “Why can’t we just hold each other down?”



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    wow…subhan’Allah…i got tears in my eyes readin that…wow…seriously why cant we hold each other down like that in every possible way?
    if you ask me…we don’t deserve to call ourselves Muslim…wow subhan’Allah…that was great KR…that was great mash’Allah…
    be safe,

  2. If the lion had bit Mr. Shibli, or nicked him so that he bled, wouldn’t he had to do ghusl? 

  3. The last story is tight. I remember hearing it a long time ago. Reminders are always good. Too bad we don’t get any during Jumu’ah Khutbah. Stupid Khateebs.

  4. props to kazim and KR for tellin it like it is.
    and props for that last story.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Asalamualaikum, SubhanAllah, thats def what holdin it down is all about.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Assalam Alaikum,I didn’t read the whole post, but mashAllah, that’s hot stuff so far 🙂 I’m wondering… do you follow any Shaykh or Tariqa? Drop by :)Samir

  7. Anonymous permalink

    i liked the last story a lot. it was amazing, mashaAllah. the story of shibli and the lion was hilarious. Quran 65: 2-3: “…And whosoever fears Allâh and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allâh, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allâh will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allâh has set a measure for all things.”.

  8. shaykh abdul hakim murad mentioned the first story in his class “foundation of islamic education”  he mentions many other nice stories as such in those cd’s.

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  10. wow, have things gotten this bleak for uicmsa?to samir: do i follow a shaykh or tariqa? i humbly request that i would prefer not to answer that question. thanks for the kz: dude, we’ve got to start the KCC soon…btw, im approaching 30k hits… seems like people are bored out of their minds if they have nothing better to do than to visit my site.or maybe my site is just that awesome… hehehe.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Asalaamualaikum…….Question…how would u respond if someone asked you, a non-muslim, what color Adam and Eve were?  Since everyone’s a different color, and we all came from them…then what color are they?  Thas a question a Christian lady asked my friend’s father. I don’t mean to put u on the spot, but I was jus looking thru random xangas and decided to ask someone this question.  I apologize if I’ve offended you in anyway.  JazakAllah Khair.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome stories. Thanks for exposing me to them
    2 nigga points for you

  13. Anonymous permalink

    mashAllah, these were awesome

  14. the last story was really uplifting

  15. Brothers come to night class!!!

    *****PLS COME WITH THE RIGHT INTENTIONS. We’re trying to get more people for the sake of Allah. So that YOU can learn something. YOU should come to LEARN and not to watch either one of us drink down poison*****

  16. Salam,
    Nice stories! Haven’t heard from you for a long time. I want your response on my questions. So whenever you have time reply.

  17. Late comment, why is it that the second to last comment is always the best when I come to someone’s site.
    Okay Beta.. you are going to be big doctor nooooow mashallah mashallah  (in paki accent, no hate =P)
    Dude, that story is str8 up, awesome.  I have to agree with Lt’s synopsis 110%
    Beautiful, just… beautiful.   Salaam Alaikum.

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