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April 3, 2005

Edit 11:14 AM, Sunday: I guess you finally figured out how to pull that Bilbo Baggins-like disappearing act… you jerk. Here I thought you were all serious and disappointed about the community…. His site really isnt shut down… apparently he just wanted some attention… you have to just SCROLL DOWN and it’s all there. I guess that was his April Fool’s joke for all of us. Now that I’ve already written this post, I won’t take it down (cause it’s still true). But let me just say one thing Saqib–my face is pretty red from getting played… I’ma get you back one day when you least expect it. You got me good. I’m gonna beat you up tonight when I come over. I hate you.

In Praise (it should be scorn) of Saqib Shafi, #1 Jagbag

In case anyone is confused, Saqib is the handsome devil on the right.

For those of you haven’t heard, Saqib’s xanga site is no more.

It’s truly sad, since I’ve always acknowledged Saqib as my shaykh in this whole xanga business. A year ago, when I was a wet-behind-the-years rookie on xanga, not knowing how to use any of these “complicated” xanga tools and struggling to get even 10 hits a day, Saqib’s website was flourishing; I was like Europe during the Crusades and Saqib was 12th century Baghdad. And yet, being the amazing stud that he is, he took the time and effort to help me get my site started. He had the patience to explain to me what the difference between a .jpg and .gif file was, how to post video, and how to format and streamline the site. While I never reached the level of smoothness and sophistication that exemplified his site, whatever aesthetic clarity that I’ve been able to have on my site (including embedding the Ocean’s 12 song that everyone loves), is all due to Saqib. For people like myself and Hisham, Saqib not only introduced us to the world of xanga, but has guided us and nurtured us so that we can stand on our own two feet. A while ago, that crazy liberal Aamair (I mean, come on, he goes to NU, how much more liberal can you be…) made a post wherein he said that Saqib owns me. His post, of course, was a joke written after I made a joke about how many hits I get… though many people didn’t seem to understand that. After reading that post if you’re still wondering who is Saqib–wa maa adraaka ma Saqib Shafi? (and what will explain to you what is Saqib Shafi)–I’ll answer simply with this: Saqib Shafi is a shaykh amongst studs.

And I think that last bit leads me to my next point. People have been asking “Why did Saqib shut down his site?” You want to know why Saqib shut down his site? I mean, do you really want to know…?

In his own words, he said that he was sick and tired of people treating xanga as if it were real life. He was frustrated that people knew him only because of his site. Most of all, it hurt him inside that people would get insulted and end up in conflicts because of stupid websites that seemed to make people lose the ability to differentiate between cyberspace and reality. And while he had no direct role in this straight up hatin’ that’s going on in the Chicago Muslim xanga community, he felt that since he was the first person with a xanga, he had opened this Pandora’s box. He had exposed us to something that’s still quite powerful, educational, emotional, and entertaining: yet, this inability to separate xanga from real life has created rife and tension amongst many people who feel slighted by things they have read on someone’s xanga–especially if they don’t even know them. (I guess this is why Aristotle said that the root of all conflicts is when a person feels slighted or insulted. ) Many times in the past few months, Saqib had hinted that he want to quit–yet only yesterday I found out why:

He loves this community so much that he couldn’t stand to see this fragile community become shattered over a ridiculous thing such as xanga.

Saqib gave up one of the more entertaining xangas out there because he wanted no part in this madness. People think my posts are entertaining and informative–you probably didn’t read Saqib’s site. From posts wherein he shared Islamic media and videos to  posts on why everyone should use Rain-X or get widescreen version DVD’s, Saqib’s xanga was enlightening and hilarious. His xanga etiquette was and remains legendary: that sardonic, self-deprecating yet insightful style that probably will never be matched by anyone else. He was also the best critic of any given post: you knew that if Saqibsaab gave you eprops, you had indeed written something wonderful.

All of the above is besides the point. Saqib was getting sick and tired of people knowing him only through his site. I can’t say that I blame him, as I’m beginning to feel the same way.

For those of us who are blessed enough to know Saqib in real life, we know what kind of person he is. I’m not going to sing his praises or list his achievements because I know that he wouldn’t want me to. From things like running solo A/V committees at various Moslem events to jump starting my car (for which I bought him Coldstone)… anything that was asked of Saqib, he would smile and do it. There’s not many people left like that anymore–people who are always going to be there for you and are willing to bail you out of any situation, especially with a beaming smile on their face. All I can say is that he’s one of the truest guys out there, and that this Ummah would be a lot better with more Saqib Shafis.

Here’s another picture of Saqib… for the record, Saqib does more than just play Halo all day. I only had two pictures of him, and they both involved him playing video games.

I will end this with one last thought: even if you probably don’t know Saqib, know that he loves you and would move heaven and earth if you asked him to help you with anything.

Ahem, speakin’ of which… Saqib, I need you to do AV for the Spelling Bee on April 23rd =).

Currently Playing in Honor of Saqib:
Green Day
Time of Your Life
Note: Saqib, I hope that you will make a triumphant return to Xanga one day… let me know if you do, I’ll arrange for a parade and balloons and ice cream cake for everyone.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    my fist is in da air forever and a day for saqib…i remember back in da day when me and saqib were in Quran class together memorizing with hafiz saab…the good old days…*fist in da air*
    may Allah bless saqib and his wonderful family in this life and in the Hereafter…and may He bestow His Mercy on all of us idiots who are causing the downfall of Islam when He has entrusted it in our very unworthy hands…without His guidance…we will ruin the most beautiful thing to ever grace this world…
    stay up my nigga…

  2. Anonymous permalink

    i’ll never tell…

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakauthu
    Saqib is truly amazing.  Words cannot describe his incredibility.
    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

  4. saqib, a REAL najmuth-thaaqib, mashaAllah!  you forgot the post about under-rated things, that was definitely entertaining.  your xanga will def be missed by this api 😦

  5. i don’t understand why there is so much drama on xanga.  damn man.  the way you were sounding in this post, it was like as if he was dead.  chill baba it’s only a xanga. 
    and if this community is getting shattered over xanga, we’ve got a lot more problems than we thought.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    good ol saqib boy. i commend you on your VERY wise decision.mashallah. we should have more people with your thought process.from viewing my xanga site, you can see that i had caught on to this xanga game too.BUT, kamran’s gotta keep it comin. besides being funny and goofy sometimes, I do use his serious posts for my sunday class sometimes because they’re very informative.But, as always, it depends on who u are.As I always say: we have TOO many young lawyers with no degrees.salmanFps. im proud to say that when saqib was little, i fed him with my own hands a couple of times.what a priveledge.

  7. “wa maa adraaka ma Saqib Shafi?” – Classic

  8. Say it ain’t so, Saqib. I’ll miss your site.

  9. SaqibSaab sounds like the Asim Quadri of the southwest side.

  10. Man he got me too… i was all sad for two days then Aamair tells me that i have to scroll down…. Evil joke… but non the less he did introduce xanga to me and shoed me the “ropes” and he is a stud…

  11. Anonymous permalink

    what a bastard! i take everything back!lol.good one oh yeah, when i fed you back then, i should have put some mirchi in

  12. These two eProps are for Waasiq’s picture.

  13. In the words of a great man,
    “Kamran, you got p0wned”

  14. mmm.. saqib…

  15. i was at saqib’s house tonight and he came downstairs with these chocolate chip cookie and ice cream sandwiches that he had for dessert for everyone. i asked him if he made the cookies himself, he said yes.
    i then asked him to marry me. he ran upstairs.

  16. I am a big fan of the new background colors.  Much more visually pleasing to the eye.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    mashaAllah nice dedicated post..wasalaamuAalaikum

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