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February 24, 2005

Random Issues

1. Anyone see Ben Gordon’s performance against the Miami Heat on Tuesday night? That had to be one of the greatest performances this year in the NBA, probably second only to Tracy McGrady’s amazing scoring barrage in the final minute of a game earlier this year. As someone said, “Ben Jordan”, is quickly becoming one of the most exciting players in the league, and, you heard it here first folks, I’m predicting that he’s gonna win the Rookie of the Year Award. I also wanted to say that I did say Ben Gordon was going to be a stud back in the summer in a previous post…

2. Hisham’s Xanga is quickly becoming the biggest bust ever, up there on the level of Cade McNown and Rashaan Salaam. Tell that guy to start posting some better stuff, cause his latest post was downright pathetic.

3. I’ve been in the hospital quite a bit lately and I’ve seen some downright outrageous things. From drug overdoses to people with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), it’s amazing to realize that people are not just depraved, but spiritually famished to the extent that they look for anything that gives them a release. I’m not even going to share some of the things I’ve seen/heard/smelt, but let’s just say it’s been downright disgusting. In fact, I think they ought to do away with these stupid Robert Crown Center (and other sex/narcotic education programs) field trips that they make high school kids go to… and instead, send these kids to the hospital and show them what happens when you mess around with alcohol, drugs, and sex. It’d be a hell of a lot cheaper, and I’m pretty sure it’d be exponentially more effective.

4. On the topic of alcohol: you know how in beer commercials and even in popular culture, they make it seem more masculine for a person to drink alcohol? Everything in the commercial suggests that when a person drinks, he’s surrounded by attractive women, partying in expensive locations, etc… as if he’s become more of a man through consuming alcohol. So today, while studying for pharmacology, I read that one of the side effects of alcohol (ethanol) consumption is actually… well… testicular atrophy and gynecomastia (development of well… breasts in a male). I’m thinking, isn’t that actually the complete opposite of being more “manly”…

5. Back to the topic of high schoolers: I had the opportunity to interview high school seniors who were applying to the guaranteed med program at UIC (GPPA). I remember when I was in their seats, 6 years ago, and how nervous I was… so I thought I’ll go easy on these guys and ask some easy questions. They had told me to get there around 1 pm for lunch and 1:45 pm for the actual start of the interview. I got there around 1:30, thinking I can still catch the tail end of lunch and be in time for the interview… only to find out all the cheese pizza was gone cause the kids ate it. That didn’t bode well. Still, I decided I’ll be nice, so when it came time to interview the first student, I didn’t try to trip him up at all. The kid seemed like a total science nerd (goes to IMSA, figures…), but he happened to mention that he’s been doing a lot of “outside study of religion and philosophy.” I thought that was interesting, so I asked him, “Can you describe what you’ve learnt along the way and how this has helped you to become a better person?” So instead of answering my question, he tells me he’s really interested in philosophy… and then starts talking about how he loves to do research on proteins. I’m thinking, dude, I asked you a question about philosophy, not protein research, but I let it slide… cause I’m a nice guy. Then I asked him what sets him apart from his fellow applicants, since everyone who’s applying here to GPPA has the same scores and academic achievements… and so he answered it, and then he goes, “I know that you guys will now ask about my weaknesses, so my biggest weakness is…” That was the last straw. You can’t go to an interview, deflect questions, and then answer questions that weren’t asked to you simply because you read on some website what kinds of questions the interviewers will ask! From then on out, I was rough on the kid, asking him if he could invite two people for dinner from history, who would they be and why… things like that. Needless to say, he floundered around quite a bit and didn’t answer the questions well… Anyway, several lessons for the kids in the audience:
don’t try to show up interviewers at an interview
don’t mention things on your application or in your casual speech to make people thing you’re an interesting person if you’re really not
don’t eat all the cheese pizza if you’re interview at UIC College of Medicine because if I interview you and there’s no more pizza left… so help you God.

6. Finally, if you noticed that it’s brighter around Chicago… well, it is, since Shaykh Amin is back. That’s right, he’s back from his mini-Ghazalian self-imposed exile… man, he was only gone for a few months and I realized how much I failed to take advantage of him and learn more from him. For all you Chicagoans, be sure to check out some of the upcoming Darul-Qasim events:


An Introduction to the 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi
Teacher: Shaykh Amin
When: Wednesday, March 2, 2005
Time: 8 pm
– Darul Qasim Office | 470 E. Roosevelt Rd | Lombard, IL
(Behind the Buona Beef, in the Glenbard Electric building)


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thats a low blow nigga… Cade Mcnown?? Are you kidding me! If anything i’m closer to perhaps… A david Terrell, so far been a bust, but deep down theres that potential screaming to be exploited.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    dont listen to hisham…its his special time in the month…is ight tho….
    yo kr…get me into med school…please 🙂
    nice post tho…dint no hafiz amin was back…i must give up my post as HNIC and let the rightful owner back…

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
    May the kid from IMSA get what he deserves.
    How I despise IMSA.
    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

  4. woah woah aamair, what’s with the IMSA hating.. kamran, i submit that with the exception of perhaps .5% of IMSA students (which in my class of 200, means 1), they all lack social skills. but who needs social skills for UIC GPPA??  

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