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February 21, 2005

Update on the Tower

Isaac came home for the weekend to visit his mom and dad like the good son that he is. Then he returned back to his apartment in Champaign at 8 pm Sunday evening, only to find the tower…. knocked down as a result of some devious and insidious plot. He and his roommates, except for Farooq, all went home for the weekend. So I told him, shouldnt you go ask Farooq about it:

k r 1 5 6 (1:05:46 AM): what time did this happen
Isaac Q (1:07:30 AM): mm
Isaac Q (1:07:35 AM): 8 pm
Isaac Q (1:07:38 AM): well
Isaac Q (1:07:39 AM): 745
Isaac Q (1:07:41 AM): they were finishing
Isaac Q (1:07:42 AM): announcing
Isaac Q (1:07:45 AM): western all stars
Isaac Q (1:07:58 AM): and fiddy left for purdue saturday evening
Isaac Q (1:08:03 AM): and the tower was standing when he was there
Isaac Q (1:08:11 AM): amer moid went home
Isaac Q (1:08:12 AM): friday
Isaac Q (1:08:13 AM): as did I
k r 1 5 6 (1:08:49 AM): musta been farooq
Isaac Q (1:08:57 AM): i accused him
Isaac Q (1:09:00 AM): and attacked him wiht a stick
Isaac Q (1:09:04 AM): and he sprayed me with capri sun
Isaac Q (1:09:06 AM): and yelled at me
Isaac Q (1:09:10 AM): and really gotpissed
Isaac Q (1:09:16 AM): but i didn’t fall for his tomfoolery
Isaac Q (1:09:25 AM): i’m conducting an investigation as we speak
k r 1 5 6 (1:10:07 AM): be like bush: go bomb his uncle’s house

 Isaac doesn’t know who did it, but he has a few suspects:

What kind of savages could have destroyed this work of art that paralelled the Sistine Chapel?

Note the paper airplane.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    haha…go bomb his uncle’s house…lol….

  2. farooq shouldve acted upon the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim and said, “the tower destroyed itself”.

  3. 40 years later

  4. these props are for qidas’s suggestion.  haha, priceless!

  5. actually, didnt Prophet Ibrahim say, “ask the biggest of them, if indeed they can speak?”So I guess the prime suspect oughta be that big part of the tower still standing. Perhaps in a rage of jealousy, it destroyed the other parts such that it could remain as the only tower of importance and worth.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    ok fine guys I admit it. it was me. whacha gon do?

  7. Anonymous permalink

    alright aright I guess the ummah deserve an explanation of why i did it. capri sun or cabree sun, like our arabi brethren refer to it, is ya’nee, it is made by Kraft Foods which is owned by Altria Group, the non-tobacco side of Phillip Morris. This is…….what they say! So ya’nee it is “Phillip Morris” who is responsible for making the cabree sun. So now, ya’nee, they say it is the non-tobacco side…..but is it really? Ask it yourselves this imbortant question. If my grandfather had a 2 wives. And I’m from the nasl of his 1st wife. Does this a mean I’m not his grandson? Are not the banu ismaeel the banu ibraheem as well? So ya’nee this is all brobaganda of Phillip Morris to avoid stigma and bressure from the health concious beobles. And a let me tell a you what Phillip Morris does. We must ask ourselves who are Phillip Morris. Phillip Morris is a large combanee in amreeka that makes cigarettes and tobacoo broducts. From CIA official statistics: Phillip Morris donates 12% profits to Israel, you can a read this Ok so ya’nee this tower of the cabree uon, ya’nee it help a the jew. And the jew hurt a the muslim(please read the last phrase with emotion). So according to the fatwa 9006-wbn-2.1 ver 6.3 it was necessary, ya’nee, to remove it. Alahumansur ikhwanina fi kulli makan.


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