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February 11, 2005

Interesting People in the Life of kr: Episode 2

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, given that I said I’d post a new episode every week. Due to a combination of my forgetting to post about this topic and my inability to select who would be the next person, I haven’t posted a new episode for several weeks now…

And then there was Isaac Qureshi.

I’ve known this scrub ever since he moved to the house across the street when I was in like 3rd grade. He certainly has grown up since then, because you see, back in the day, Isaac was an unathletic, whiny, chunky kid who always got picked last in neighborhood games of basketball and football… well, I guess some things remain the same. Anyway, the great thing about Isaac is his reliability… he acts like he’s the most unreliable guy in the world, but when you really need him to do something, you can count on him in the clutch.

For those who know Isaac (you prolly did something really bad as a kid and God is punishing you), you know that this guy is the goofiest guy ever. By ijma` (consensus), it is agreed upon that he is the sole owner of such a title. Every time I visit him in Champaign, I find myself infected with his goofiness, and often have some funny adventures with him… no need to go into the specifics of that. Anyway, recently Isaac launched a website to host all his pictures that he takes of his crazy and random things. It’s my honor to share the pictures and story with you all:

Our story begins with Isaac and his roommates being thirsty. I mean, they must have been REALLY thirsty, so they decided to do something about it. So Isaac and his roommates found a sale at a local store that was selling Capri Sun boxes for a dollar and decided to take advantage of the rock bottom prices. They set up a collection fund to amass a significant amount of wealth–$40–and proceeded to the store… at 2 am… when it’s like 20 degrees outside… with Isaac dressed only in a bathrobe and sandals and wanting to buy 40 boxes of capri sun juice pouches. I can only imagine the cashier’s facial expression as Isaac and his roommate Farooq approached the register. Anyway, so the fools come home, and in an attempt to piss off their other roommate, Amir Moids, they decide to stack all the boxes in an elaborate and twisted feat of engineering in the shape of an ancient tribal tower or something. The only problem with that idea is that Amir didn’t get mad… and now they have 400 pouches of Capri Sun that they must consume by the time the semester is up.

Save one for me Isaac. May you never grow up and may you continue to regale me with your feats of tomfoolery. And may you play better in the next tournament

Building the tower after returning from Meijer… after seeing that pic of Isaac, I have to go make wudu

Isaac, Farooq, Amir… this picture explains a lot

Rules of the “Tower”

Rules for disposing of Capri Sun pouches

The latest version of the “Tower”



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    i love mexicans…

  2. Awesome…just AWESOME.

  3. hahahah!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    MSA guys are interesting people..

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