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February 9, 2005

Go to the Dinner and Bonus: Omar Ashrafi AIM Conversation!

Before I get to the shpeel about the dinner, a bonus treat for my loyal readers: a conversation with the one and only Omar Ashrafi, lamenting about his tax refunds–the lack thereof:

da rt hs mu rf (11:34:36 PM): my IL refund will have gone from $90 last year
da rt hs mu rf (11:34:46 PM): to a whopping EIGHT CENTS this year
da rt hs mu rf (11:35:47 PM): not even a dime
da rt hs mu rf (11:36:17 PM): and my federal refund will be basically half of what it was last year
da rt hs mu rf (11:36:50 PM): now if i were married, my refund would be double what it was last year
da rt hs mu rf (11:36:51 PM): so
da rt hs mu rf (11:37:05 PM): my lonliness has basically cost me 1300 bucks
k r 1 5 6 (11:37:15 PM): damn
k r 1 5 6 (11:37:16 PM): that sucks
da rt hs mu rf (11:37:20 PM): (assuming that she is working too)
k r 1 5 6 (11:37:24 PM): you ought to get married if for no other reason
k r 1 5 6 (11:37:28 PM): that you save 1300 bucks
da rt hs mu rf (11:37:31 PM): im telling you
da rt hs mu rf (11:37:35 PM): between the tax savings
da rt hs mu rf (11:37:40 PM): and the cheaper car insurance
da rt hs mu rf (11:37:47 PM): i could bankroll the wedding
da rt hs mu rf signed off at 11:52:40 PM.

So I promised my boy Alti (he’s still my boy even though he chose to go to class instead of going to dinner with me and Kazim after the BU IAW Tuesday session) that I’d advertise the upcoming BU dinner… and unfortunately, I’ve been lax on getting the word out. I figure that it’s already on many xangas so I didn’t need to simply repeat the advertisement… but I did promise Alti I’d advertise. Besides, no one visits Hisham’s xanga so that isn’t much of an advertising medium.

Side note, Hisham posted this in the comment box to my last post, but I figured I should paste it here so that everyone can read it and is aware of what he wrote:

 <<gotta give my boy props for bailing out UIC MSA today when Yusuf Estes bailed on us. I just gotta tip my hat and call KR my daddy!>>

Let the record clearly state that Hisham called me his daddy. 

Anyway, go to the dinner. Forget the topic, forget where it’s at… forget all of it… just look at the speaker, Shaykh Hussain Sattar, and realize that unless you have some place more important to go to on Saturday night (like me… since the Godfather, aka Mawlana Saleem, has summoned myself and a few others to IIE), you better go to the dinner. Moreover, Alti’s moderating, and I’m sure its going to be entertaining to see Alti attempt to behave himself and display proper adab (respect) around Hussain Bhai. For those who go to the dinner, be sure to try to make Alti laugh and give him a hard time in his attempt to be serious. Some of you might think that I’m being cruel here, but let me paste what Alti wrote in regards to my making a post about the dinner.

LT 786 (10:38:26 PM): make it good
LT 786 (10:38:29 PM): appealin to hot chicks
LT 786 (10:38:32 PM): and religious fools
LT 786 (10:38:37 PM): so i can score all of da chicks

Benedictine MSA



Illuminating Hearts: One Campus at a Time!

Targeting Dawah Efforts on Campus



Sheikh Hussain Sattar


Saturday February 12th


Time: 6.45 pm


Karsa Dining Hall | Benedictine University


Tickets: $10 Advance | $12 Door


Questions? Comments?

Altamash “Great KING!” Iftikhar | (630) 290-9383

Sadaf Cassim |(630) 607-8085





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  1. Anonymous permalink

    this alti fella sounds like pure studlyness…and nothing short of that…

  2. Anonymous permalink

    this flier seems oddly familiar…

  3. Anonymous permalink

    it is the truth i called Kr my daddy

  4. GREAT KING (*fist in the air*)

  5. Anonymous permalink

    hahaha…nuff respect man…the dinner would be perfect if u were there man…

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
    I didn’t know Alti’s middle name was Great King.
    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

  7. Talk about clutch.. bailing out UICMSA like that.. truly a stud.

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