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February 5, 2005

The Next Step

Before I pull a Freddie Mitchell and write a check with
my mouth that I can’t cash (you better hold your own tomorrow,
Freddie), I figure I ought to share my thoughts from the feedback I
received from the last post.

1. Jazakallah khayr (may God give you goodness in all things) to
everyone who took the time to share their thoughts about the idea.

2. Many of you said that you’d be interested in helping or
participating in the attempt to produce these cards. Now that I think
it’s time to move into the planning and discussion phase of this idea,
I don’t want to clutter up my xanga with discussion and comments. For
this reason, if you’re still interested in this project, email me at and Inshallah we can set up a listserv to start our
discussions. What I think is really needed are people with creativity,
art skills, time/availability to do research, and sincere interest in
the project.

3. I would also like to run this idea by several scholars, primarily to
make sure that we won’t be blasphemizing these men of God by putting
them on “trading or collectors’ cards”. Secondly, I’d like to have
their input and say over the quality and quantity of biographical
content that we put on the card. Finally, it’s the proper thing to do
as we’re attempting to embark on a project of education of sacred
knowledge, and it would be quite ridiculous if we didn’t consult the
masters of that discipline. Therefore, for those who want to join this
list, think of potential scholars (based on their time, availability,
etc) that we should consult on this idea.

4. I’ve made an extremely rough draft of the card below to give some
sort of visual clue as to what I had in mind. This is by NO means a
final or to-be-final product, but rather just something that I felt
would help to get your Spidey-senses tingling.

Front of Card

Back of Card

5. Finally, no whiners or not serious people for this project, please.
Inshallah, I really want to try to get this off the ground soon, with
the target date that these will be ready to market by the time ISNA
2005 comes along. Finally, no chicks please… women are welcome, but
no chicks.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    dawg…u need to get married to a hot girl who can cook and do “da dance”…u got way too much time on ur hands…

  2. haha…i can just imagine kr demanding that his wife post in his xanga on a regular basis. also, she will be required to have her own xanga entitled, “kr156……… a good guy.” come to think of it, i feel deeply sorry for kr’s wife. 😦

  3. i feel deeply sorry for kr’s wife. :(…yeah. me too.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    lol no chicks only women…
    how loserish…
    One prop signifying how your going to be single for a while still…

  5. Anonymous permalink

    No chicks?Thank you for making that clarification; the one between chicks and women.Chicks don’t have brains to appreciate a genius idea; women have the brain to appreciate it, but just sometimes choose not to. 😉 hahaha…i could comment on the whole ‘marriage issue’ these guys seem to have going on in your comment box about you, but seeing as i’m not one of the guys, it wouldn’t be my place to. hah, oh well. In which case, all i leave you with is this: May Allah give you someone who is khair for you.

  6. Anonymous permalink


  7. Anonymous permalink

    yo and she wished I ended up with a feminist… i’m insulted..
    then again i’m not lol

  8. Anonymous permalink

    screw it i’m a nice guy.. 2 eprops

  9. Anonymous permalink

    yo, hishashish. nowhere in kr’s post did he tear down feminists. i don’t have any reason to wish that for him.

  10. yeah, in this post i didnt tear down feminists, but i have a long and well-known history of doing so =)

  11. Anonymous permalink

    yo, kr, i was trying to do you a favor.don’t bring up the past.

  12. kr– check it out
    al-ghazali weekend in spain with shaykh abdul hakim murad

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