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January 30, 2005

Another Rap Parody

Due to popular demand, I decided to parody another rap… this time, I took the original “Still DRE” by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog and changed it to “Still KRZ”. Yeah yeah, I know that I’m kr, but I needed another letter to fit the original. Anyway, the song is about my old stomping grounds of IIE… there might be some verses that only those who went there would understand… but anyway, enjoy.

The instrumental to play along with the rap:

“Still K.R.Z.”
(feat Alti )

Still Alti and K-R-Z (Guess who’s back)
Still, still doing that salaat, right?

Oh fo’ sho’, check me out
It’s still Eid Day, A.K.
Before I pray the salaat, can’t stop payin the zakaat
Cause when I frequent the masjids that I’m known to rock
You hear the Sudais from the trunk when I’m on the block
Ladies, they pay homage, but haters say kr fell off
How? My last dua was really Islamic
They want to know if he still got it
They say Islam’s changed, they want to know how I feel about it

[Alti – singing]
If you aint up on thangs…

Dr. k is the name, I’m ahead of my game
Still, read’n Qur’an Shareef, still with the beats
Still not loving Iblees (Uh huh)
Still rock my khakis with a cuff and a crease
Still got love for Bluff City, reppin’ IIE
Still the beat bangs, still doing my thang
Since I left, ain’t too much changed, still


I’m representing for them huffaz all across the world
Still prayin in all them musallahs girl
Still taking my time to perfect my tajweed
And I still got love for IIE, it’s the K-R-Z [Repeat 2x]

Since the last time you heard from me I lost some friends
Well, hell, me and Alti, we pimpin again
Kept my ear to the streets, signed the Hish-en-em
He’s tryin to work out, benchin 50 cause he weak
Still, stay close to Sal and UB
And when I was close to defeat, I listened to Mawlana Saleem
My life is like a nasheed I wrote to the beat
Treat my mushaf[copy of Qur’an] with tahdhib[decency], I recite til I sleep
Wake up in the A.M., some suhoor I eat
I read long ayahs til you’re tired on your feet
It’s not a fluke, I’m not tired, I’m stayin’ true
It’s “Tahajjud all night” cause we al-ladhîna âmanû
I’m still at it, don’t need mathematics
In the home of dastar khans and rats in the attic
Zabiha meat, donatin th’ green, and no traffic
I drive through the lane I get hacked, K-R-Z


It ain’t nothing but more hot shniz
Another classic parody for y’all to vibe with
Whether you’re cooling on a corner watching Prior pitch
Laid back in the shack, play this track
I’m representing for the huffaz all across the world
(Still prayin in all them musallahs girl)
I’ll write a check, for the madrasa to give it dap
Tried to vote Kerry but Bush is back

[Alti – singing]
So if you ain’t up on thangs…

Dr. k be the name, still running the game
Still got love for my ammi
Still ain’t tripping, love to see the madrasa get money
Spend more time there I should, buy em a new gym if I could
Treat my teachers with aadaab [respect], even lovin’ AR
Barbeques every May, not drivin’ fancy cars
Still gon’ revise everyday regardless

[Chorus x1.5]

Like that, right back up in ya
’95 plus four months
Add those years up, kr’s right back on top of thangs
Read some Qur’an with your dawg
No stress, no mistakes, no whims, no sticks!
Some of that real sticky icky
A little tajweed, put it in the air
For you’s a fool kr


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    lol nice nice….
    call me up for the next paradoy yo… I gotta ride them coattails…

  2. Anonymous permalink

    p.s that pic you got aint the best one out there… you look liek some misguided fob trying to be gangsta…

  3. thats the whole point of the pic… since the song itself is a parody, the picture is a parody as well… of me trying to be gangsta.
    but in no way am i a fob… unlike your non-American-born self… please, tell everyone where you were born, Hish-en-em.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    lol nigga there aint no stoppin us….

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Hydro-bad… as in i’m a bad ass…

  6. Reading ECA again?  You are such a little punk.  Or should I say, chipmunk?  One eProp for that and the other for your silly little rap.

  7. yeah, im reading ECA again… cause i have no idea what or where the perineum is… plus i forgot everything about abdomen and other internal organs

  8. Still BWE
    Bandwidth eaters.

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