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January 25, 2005

And The Stud of the Year Award Goes


[kr edit: many of you
commented that the article was from last year… indeed, I googled him
and you guys were right, Habib Miyan went in 2004 for Hajj… my bad on
the wrong date, but still, it doesn’t make his story any less

I recently read this article, courtesy of Junaid Mansuri, about a
man named Habib Miyan who performed the Hajj this year. Well, that’s not so
interesting right, millions of people performed Hajj this year. Millions of
people from different countries, young and old, speaking hundreds of
languages… but there’s one thing about Habib Miyan that sets him apart from
everyone else.


Habib Miyan is 132 years old.


Ever since he retired in 1938(!), he’s had the dream of going to
visit those sacred lands, yet never had the money to undertake the pilgrimage.
Imagine that, saving up money from your pension (which is only Rs. 1,900 [$40]
per month) since 1938 and still not having the money to go… yet not losing
hope that one day your name will be called from the Heavens above to perform the
Hajj. Over the years he lost his eyesight, and never would be able to outwardly
see those Sights of Allah… yet his desire and passion for going there never
ceased for he knew he would still be able to see them with the inward eye of
clarity. Habib Miyan never lost hope.


 “And whosoever has taqwa (consciousness) of God, He will
provide for him an exit (way)…” And indeed, He did. Several media outlets
reported about Habib Miyan a while back, inspiring several Muslims around the
world to donate money to send him to Makkah, culminating with a generous
donation of a British-Muslim businessman such that he and 3 of his family
members (which spans 4 generations) could perform Hajj.


The dreams that spanned 3 centuries were finally fulfilled. “And
have patience, for thy patience is only from God…”. If anyone truly embodied
this verse in our day and age, it has to be Habib Miyan.


When another reporter came to interview him, Habib Miyan had this
final prayer for his British benefactor:


“You have allowed me to meet Allah and I pray that He looks over
you. May He grant you a life longer than mine.”  Subhanallah, if I could be half
the man he is…


Yo Alti, I’m not even gonna consult you when I officially bestow
upon him the title of “Muslim of the Century”


Mecca dream for aged pilgrim

By Bernard Gabony
News Online South Asia editor

The man who is probably the
world’s oldest pilgrim has just been fulfilling a dream made possible by the
generosity of readers of BBC News Online.

Habib with grandson Chuttan Khan

Habib with grandson Chuttan

Habib Miyan’s precise
age is not clear. His pension papers establish it at 125, although he says he is

When News Online first wrote about him, from his home city of Jaipur in the
Indian state of Rajasthan, last June, we reported how his relatives said he
could not afford to perform the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

That triggered several e-mails from readers wanting to help Habib, now blind
and frail, make the trip this year.

Among the anonymous donors was a taxi-driver from Rotherham in northern
England who put up money he was saving for his own Hajj pilgrimage.

The main donation came from a businessman in London who forwarded 270,000
rupees ($5,700) to Habib’s bank account.

‘A living miracle’

Habib set off to Mecca last month, accompanied by two grandsons, Mehmood and
Chuttan Khan.

Habib’s story has bought joy and inspiration to his community and
the rest of the world

Habib’s London donor

Shortly before the Hajj
started, BBC cameraman Faruk Aksoy managed to locate Habib among the millions of
gathered pilgrims.

He was resting in a hotel near the Grand Mosque which houses the Kaaba, the
cube-shaped structure that the Muslim pilgrim must walk round seven times.

Our cameraman said it was a meeting he would never forget.

“To me it was like seeing a living miracle.

“When I looked at Habib carefully, I went through his eyes and mind back into
history, to the days of the British empire in India.”

Habib Miyan

Resting before performing the

Habib himself remembers living through the reigns of four kings of the Jaipur
royal family, as well as witnessing the departure of the British and the
independence of India.

He said he was very happy to be at Mecca, and would pray for those who had
paid for him to perform the Hajj.

Habib’s joy is matched by that of his donors.

“That’s fantastic,” the Rotherham donor told BBC News Online on hearing about
Habib’s dream come true.

The London businessman said it was an honour to have been able to help him.

“The real gift is that Habib’s story has brought joy and inspiration to his
community and the rest of the world,” he says.

“I hope that in these difficult and testing times that there will be more
situations where communities and families are bought closer together with simple
and true gestures of goodwill for its fellow man, whatever race or religion.”


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  1. I also read this article over the weekend. Masha’Allah what a story. Talk about perseverance and commitment. 2 major eProps to the stud Habib!!

  2. didnt this happen last year??
    but anyways, mashallah…

  3. Anonymous permalink

    random proppz***
    very intresting!!

  4. Nigger of the Century? Im sure you realize that sounds (and is) quite disrespectful.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    asalamualaikum,subhanAllah, this man sounds truly amazing…he had so much sabr…so much…mashaAllah. may Allah SWT accept his Hajj and forgive his sins and may Allah SWT grant us this level of patience if not so much more. ameen.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    i dono who shud get my props…Habib for doin Hajj…or for namin his son Chuttan…damn is close…

  7. To witness07:For the last time… when the word “nigger” is used on my website, Hisham’s, or Alti’s, it’s a term of endearment,, respect, and mad love for the person.I’m sorry if you feel offended by it… but that’s just the way we express our admiration for individuals around here. I’m tired of all these people whining about us using the word “nigger”… get over it.

  8. Excellent post.

  9. Subhan’Allah thats truly an awesome story…may Allah grant all the Muslims of the world the abilty and chance to go for this awesome awesome awesome and one-of-a-kind journey…jazak’Allahu khair for the inspiring story KR…it’s because of telling us beautiful things like this that i’m sometimes (note keyword sometimes) happy that you receive 120 hits a day,so that all those people will be inspired by such beautiful things =)

  10. come on bro.. people respect you, you should adhere to higher standards.

  11. KR, your a year late on this post. I could have sworn he want to Hajj last year for the first time.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Two props to the nigga of teh century1 eprop for being a year late no eprops for witness07… i got no beef, but serioulsy dont go around to other xangas and question peoples intentions and stuff… not cool.. but now that you know… maybe one day you can become a nigga…

  13. if you could please show how I have questioned anyones intentions…….. The deen is nasiha (right?)

  14. Salam,Thanks for posting the article on your Xanga. It was actually my friendTariq Hasan who told me about it. BBC has been following this story for awhile. It is a series of articles, and yes this happened last year.Here are the articles (in chronological order) for those who areinterested.Indian man’s 65 years as OAP – 5/03 (article w/ 1 pic) man’s prayers answered – 6/03 (article w/ 2 pics)’s kindness funds pilgrim’s dream – 6/03 (article w/ 1 pic) pictures: Ancient Indian’s Mecca dream – 10/03 (8 pics) pilgrim prepares for Hajj – 10/03 (article w/ 4 pics) looms for aged pilgrim – 12/03 (article w/ 3 pics) dream for aged pilgrim – 2/04 (article w/ 2 pic and reader’scomments)’Oldest’ Hajj pilgrim back home – 2/04 (article w/ 2 pics) Regards,Junaid

  15. may Allah preserve our elders and allow us to learn from those who are still left with us
    on a diff note: kr — response to the ghazali movie
    ________________________________________________________Dear Sir/Madam,We are very grateful for your interest in our recently completed productionAl-Ghazali: The Alchemist of Happiness, and would like to inform you of itscurrent status. At the present time, the film is being screened in variousfilm festivals around the world, starting with Fajr International FilmFestival taking place in Teheran, in February. It is also being consideredfor broadcast by several networks. A DVD is in preparation, which should beavailable by late Spring 2005. You have been added to our mailing list andwe will let you know as soon as there is an opportunity for you to see.Matmedia Productions Ltd________________________________________________________
    ill let u know buddy.  interestingly, there was a discussion about this on deenport. check it out
    -salamo walami-

  16. hey YOU’RE not allowed to like Scrubs!

  17. actually, since im a medical student, i think i can understand, relate to, and have more of a right to enjoy that show… so there.
    besides, dr. cox is my hero… i want to be like dr. cox.

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