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January 16, 2005

When the Minds of kr and Alti Unite…

…wild, crazy, unpredictable, and often unspeakable things happen. Last night, Alti and I were having a conversation… and well, imagine the pictures below are a futile attempt at a music video for the song that appears below.            

What a CB picture of Alti

kr, head of the KR (Keepin it Real) Foundation

play the instrumental along with reading the lyrics for the full experience

“Forgot About K” by kr and Alti (parody of “Forgot About Dre” by Dr. Dre and Eminem)

Y’all know me, still the same o.g., but I been low key

Hated on by most these ni**** who are salafis, have no daleels and no g’s

Broke xangas and no kufis, no books, no falafels, and no biryanis

Mad at me cause I can finally afford to provide my masjid wit an iftari

Got a room wit a desk and some new slacks

To add to the wall full of plaques

Hangin up in the office in back of my house like trophies

Did y’all think i’ma let my du’as freeze? Ho’ please

You better bow to God on both knees

Who you think warned you about naseeb(.com)?

Who you think brought you the oldies?


The posts about Imam al-Ghazali

And the post that said “forget ugly hijabis”

Gave you a webpage full of dope beats[that ocean’s 12 song]

To bump when you stroll through in your hood

And when your xanga hits wasn’t doin too good

Who’s the doctor they told you to go see?

Y’all better listen up closely

All you sufis that said that I turned salaf, or became liberal

Y’all are the reason that kr ain’t been gettin no sleep

So forget y’all, all of y’all; if y’all don’t like me, pray for me

Y’all are gonna keep messin’ around wit me

And turn me back to a master Sufi

Chorus [Alti]:

Nowadays everybody wanna type like they got somethin to say
But nothin comes out when they make their posts;
Just a bunch of gibberish
And these xangers act like they forgot about k

Nowadays everybody wanna type like they got somethin to say
But nothin comes out when they make their posts;
Just a bunch of gibberish
And these xangers act like they forgot about k


So what do you say to somebody you hate (what? )

Or anyone tryin to bring a jamaat your way?

Wanna resolve things in a bloodier way? (yup)

Then just study a history of the USA!

One day I was walkin by, wit a sudais tape on, when I caught a guy

Give me an awkward eye (what you lookin at? )

So I recited him off in the parkin lot, wit my huffaz like eyes

I don’t give a care if it’s Eid or not

I’m harder than me tryin to pray namaaz

When I’m sleepy as heck

Prayin right next to a FOB uncle who likes to dakaar[burp]

Standing it out & holding my breath, tryin to ruku it off

“forget you, Smelly Uncle, call the cops!”

I’ma keep goin to shabeena ‘til you join the NFL blog

And when the cops came through

Me and kr stood next to a burnt down house

Wit a can full of rooh afza and a hand full of kajoor

And still weren’t found out (right here)

From here on out it’s tahajjud 2

Startin after Isha and tomorrow’s the new

And I’m still hardcore enough

To pray all night in my thobe, yeah its new!


KR and Alti – hotter then a set of twin babies

In a Mercedes Benz wit the windows up

Bumpin the sheikhs from the mid 80’s

Callin the men from al-Fatiha ladies; sorry KR but I been crazy

There’s no way that you can wake me (for fajr)

It’s okay, I read Bukhari



If it was up to me, you Hizb ul-Tahreers would stop comin up to me

Wit your hands out lookin up to me, like you want a dua for free

When my last post was out, you wasn’t bumpin me

But now that I got this little blog ring

Everybody wanna come to me like it was some disease

But you won’t get an eprop from me

Cause I’m from the streets of (Willowbrook, Willowbrook)

I told you all – all them little xangas

Who you think helped mold ’em all?

Now you wanna run around talkin bout eprops like I ain’t got none

What you think I sold ’em all?

Cause I stay well off

Now all I get is no eprops all day sayin KR fell off

What cause I been in the hospital in some scrubs

Tryin to get my damn beard off?

I ain’t havin that; Eid on Friday is where it’s at

It ain’t gon’ be no Eid before or after that

So give me one more good miswak

And forget xanga! you can have it back

So where’s all the madd hafizes at?

It’s like a tableeghi jamaat in this habitat

But all you savage cats, know that I was strapped wit miswaks

When you couldn’t even spell MCATs


Chorus 1/2 (after music ends)


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    very nice….lol

  2. Anonymous permalink

    asalamualaikum,is that fezi in the top pic? good job btw, eprops. wsalam.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    lol Freaking hillarious,
    I played it to the music and like Paris says: Thats hot!

  4. You two are a couple of chittering squirrels, perched in your oak tree making clicking sounds.  How precious!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    lol yeh that is fezi…squirrels are the bomb…

  6. that was pretty sweet.

  7. “great parody. you definitely have too much time. go find yourself a girlfriend or something.” – Kamran Riaz 8/29/2004

  8. 8th sign that the world is ending: when kamran riaz becomes ghetto and starts rapping about his xanga.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Very cool!
    u must’ve put a lot of time & effort into that.
    (i wonder how long it took….)

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