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January 14, 2005

There Are No More Seats Left…

This is a public service announcement for the benefit of all those who may read it.

Apologies to Hisham for writing a sports-related post since that’s usually his domain… but this announcement cannot wait any longer:

If anyone’s looking for any open seats on the Chicago Bulls bandwagon, I regret to inform you that, given my role as the operator and conductor of the wagon (specifically in the post-Jordan days), the bandwagon is closed to all you fair weather fans that want to jump on at this point in time. I’m sorry, but you guys should’ve stuck with the Bulls–“through thick AND thin”(!)–and not given up hope on them. While some of us die-hard fans did constructively criticize the Bulls’ moves over the years (like a father yelling at his son who has a world of potential in order to see him succeed), there are many of you guys did bash and doubt the Bulls.

This is how I envision these new Bulls:
Kirk Hinrich: franchise player; a hybrid version of John Paxson + John Stockton.
Luol Deng: the next Scottie Pippen
Eddie Curry: finally developing into a solid player once the expected role of franchise player was taken off of him
Tyson Chandler: solid, reliable bench player who can’t score but is a one-man SWAT team and excellent rebounder… think Dennis Rodman minus the weirdness
Antonio Davis: dependable veteran leadership… think Bill Cartwright minus the goofy-yet-unstoppable jumpshot
Andres Nocioni: yeah, uhm, im not sure what role this guy has on this team… he’s been pretty bad lately.
Chris Duhon: unfortunately, he’s the third small guard on this team that really needs a solid shooting guard. I like his assists and effort, but I think he’s not going to be around for too long.
Othella Harrington: has had a good run of games lately, but has to prove it over the long run.
Adrian Griffin: total heart-and-soul player; not a superstar, but great team guy… think Randy Brown with superb leadership and inside-the-locker-room skills.
… and of course – Ben Gordon: instant scoring, energy and hustle off the bench… think Bobby Jackson type of player who can score from just about any position on the court… if you play up on him, he’ll take it to the hole; if you back up, he’ll rain jumpers all night long.

Ben Gordon owned Iverson last night

The face and soul of the team… who would’ve thought that a white guy would be a franchise player for the Bulls?

But mashallah, after yesterday’s annihilation of Philadelphia, not only are things looking up, but the Bulls are currently in the 8th playoff spot. (Insert Jim Mora voice here: “Playoffs!!… Playoffs?!?”). The 32-point win yesterday brought a tear to my eye as I was reminded of the glory days of the past, such as the 95-96 season, when every game was a dominant win like that. And if they continue this team-oriented basketball with an emphasis on defense (as they’ve been executing as of late)… who knows, this team might be able to be a dark horse in the NBA playoffs. At the very least, they’ve shown signs that they can play well as a team… that combined with their collective youth hopefully will actualize the high expectations in the years to come.

Anyway, no one better jump on the bandwagon now.

That is all.



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    You write sports well my son… perhaps we can team up some time?
    But i gotta disagree with this comparison to Bobby Jackson, Gordon will be a premier player, guard in the NBA, much better than Jackson in his prime, and sure enough Gordon will be starting by season’s end. Just you watch and see. For now this formula (him off the bench seems to work)

  2. I’ve always been a Bulls fan. I just love watching Jordan play. Go Bulls!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Bulls suck…

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