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January 5, 2005

A Picture is a Thousand Words

While driving on the highway last week, I saw the following:

This was a ghetto-a$$ Dodge from the 80’s, driven by genuine bruthas of course, that prolly isn’t even worth $500… and that’s overestimating. It’s half rusted and one of the windows was taped up… but of course, it had 3 brand-new spinners on it. The left rear wheel (not pictured) is missing its spinner, probably because it was stolen. The gentlemen in the car were straight up gangsta, and I think they must’ve thought I was insane to be holding up my phone towards their direction. Thank God they didn’t start following us or anything like that. Anyway, check out the spinners on the car… each spinner prolly costs more than the car itself. What is with black people spending more on accessorizing their cars than the car itself? The great Aaron McGruder brilliantly captured this in the following comic strip:

I think that essentially sums up the greatest obstacle to black empowerment in America: the black man himself. Hmm, that’s kinda like the American Muslim community too. Consider our idiotic spending on things we don’t need (namely the insane weddings) and it’s clear that we’re our own worst enemies. Prophet `Isa, in a hadith found in our traditions (it’s interesting that our tradition has more recorded sayings of Jesus than even the Christians), said, “He did not give me the ability to cure stupidity,” meaning that Allah had given him the ability to cure many diseases and perform many miracles (healing the blind man, curing the leper, bringing the dead to life, etc) but had not given him the power to cure stupidity. An Arab proverb further states, “You can hope to cure every malady except stupidity“. In other words, our stupidity is what’s holding us back from achieving great things. Unfortunately, there’s no vaccine for that. The point of the previous pictures is that perhaps it’s nice to know that Muslims don’t have a monopoly on that commodity.

With that said, it’s reassuring to know that pictures sometimes remind us that despite all our inadequacies, it’s comforting to know that we still worship the Lord of the Worlds, and hopefully (if we do what we have been told to do), He’s still on our side:

A masjid in Indonesia… post tsunami

Thanks to Kazim for the link:


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