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January 5, 2005

Go to the Dinner Damnit

That rascal known as Hisham Hussain asked me to plug the dinner on my xanga since he knows I get more visitors than he ever will =). Also, I think he wanted me to plug since he’s the contact info guy (email AND phone number) and he wants as many single sisters to see that he’s a mashallah good guy doing community work. He likes long walks on the beach, the Chicago Bears, and Italian Express gyros.

Anyway, enough Hisham bashing… be a man and go to the dinner.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    gee thanks i think

  2. ha ah thats so funny what u said about hishashish. so are u his good friend? hes very nice and im sure he will read this so ha ok check out my site. k bye

  3. all that i’ve said about hisham is true… unfortunately i am his good friend. i must have done something for which God is punishing me … as soon as I can figure out what that is, I need to make serious repentance and promise never ever to do it again.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    HAHA…hisham is cyber pimping…lool…pimp pimp…hooray….

  5. hey who’s speakin at the dinner?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    sign up for a free ipod…but you have to sign up for an offer otherwise it does not work…please…i only need 1 more person…this does really work and aint no scam…

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