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December 17, 2004

May God Bless These Hackers (edited Friday 4:06 pm)

k r 1 5 6 (12:18:48 AM): no, someone hacked into the site
xxxxxxx(12:20:06 AM): innnteresting
xxxxxxx(12:20:48 AM): if someone asks, i’ll tell them i think you’re the brains behind this
xxxxxxx(12:20:56 AM): it’s all too convenient, kamran
k r 1 5 6 (12:21:11 AM): im about to post it on my xanga
xxxxxxx(12:21:14 AM): just days after your anti-MWU rant (or the beginning of it)
xxxxxxx(12:21:29 AM): the liberal post?
k r 1 5 6 (12:23:49 AM): hehehehe
k r 1 5 6 (12:28:56 AM): its about damn time

So I found out today that some Muslims took it upon themselves to hack into the nefarious website and remove their vile filth that they pass off as enlightened literature (such as their disgusting “sex and the ummah” feature). I’ve been sick and tired of this website for the longest time, especially in a previous post when I had mentioned that I read the article about ISNA 2004 that slandered Shaykh Hamza and Rumi.

Enclosed is a pasted version of the hacked site. May Allah bless whoever took it upon themselves to do this, since the repeated warnings and naseeha that many people gave to these guys went unheeded… when the Prophet, scholars of this religion, and the very essence of this deen is being mocked, there’s only so much “nice guy” advice that one can give before one has to take matters to the next level. While I pray for Allah to bless these hackers, I think we should also pray to Allah to give these fellows some guidance and wisdom to return back to the true path. In other words, hate their actions/sayings, but don’t hate them.



we are sorry….MWU is recieving a PENALTY from the Islamic 0xChallenge Brigades!!

Bismallah Ar Rahman Ar-aheem

due to the continues violation by Muslim Wake Up website and its vile attack on Islam for a long period of time we at the Islamic 0xChallenge Brigades decided to deliever a powerful message to the people behind this website and so we started with an attack on MWU forum , all praise be to Allah the attack was successful but unfortunally the people running this website didn’t understand our message and continued their attack on Islam and so we decided to deliever yet more powerful message and here we are!!


  • No more slandering of the Mujahdeen
  • No more peverts allowed to speak about Islam like Mohja Kahf and her warm fluid fantasies
  • No more using our beloved prophet name in one of your dirty pornographic stories
  • No more slandering of the respected scholars of Islam
  • No more anti hijab articles

>> Optional

  • remove the pic of the Egyptian girl with half bare breasts from your “Pornogrphy and the Ummah” section
  • ask mohja Kahf to get a life
  • stop being a minbar for hypocrites and learn the real Islam!
  • move “hug a jew” to “sex and the Ummah” section……go figure why!

Allahu Akbar and All praise be to Allah

Islamic 0xChallenge Brigades

December 13, 2004


So now I see that the site is back up and they started a message board for people to sound in with their opinions on the site being hacked… needless to say, this message board is filled with character-assaulting whining comments made from MWU supporters.

But I’ve been thinking since I posted this last night about the actual hack of the site. As I understand, these hacker fellows did warn the MWU chaps to straighten up and be more respectful of others. They never said that MWU had no right to exist, but did try to gently remind them of adhering to certain principles and dignities that are the foundation of interpersonal relationships in this religion. No matter how much you disagree with what someone says/does, as long as that person says the kalimah, he/she still is entitled to her basic dignity from his/her fellow Muslims. Having said that, I think the right to freely express one’s opinions (no matter how nonsensical I or others may think they are) is a right that must be respected… but, unlike the flippant Western notion of “right to free speech”, there are certain boundaries that cannot be crossed, no matter the circumstance, in a Muslim-defined concept of “freedom of speech.” Specifically, one certainly has the right to disagree with authority and even scholarship, but in doing so, one cannot resort to smug and offensive methods such as putting up an mp3 on your site with the refrain (na`udhubillah) “Rumi was a homo… but Siraj (referring to our beloved Imam Siraj Wahhaj), you’re a fag”. On the MWU forums today, in a thread that I read only to see what MWU members had to say about the hack, the messages from these same people who gripe that the biggest problem with the traditionalists is their lack of tolerance and respect towards others who don’t agree with them were filled with the same rhetoric as their opponents. In other words, having predicated their very existence as a reaction to those qualities that these MWU fellows found so abominable in others, when faced with a given stressful situation, they resorted to the same qualities.

Simply put: if you don’t agree with them, you’re part of the problem. Hmm, didn’t W. Bush utter that same idiotic Manichaean “either you’re with us or against us” statement…

In short, while I applauded the efforts of these hackers last night, I think they’ve only added fuel to a fire that cannot be extinguished so easily. MWU has only gained some PR and further resolve from such an incident, and therefore this hack, while entertaining, has been counterproductive since it has only unleashed the baser characteristics of Muslims against their fellow Muslims.

The question that must be asked, therefore, is: “What would Ghazali do?”

I believe Imam al-Ghazali, just as he did with the Aristotleian Faylasufs of his day (who also launched a very powerful attack against orthodox Islam as we’re seeing now, in a different form certainly, but still the same idea), if he were alive today, would study and lay out the arguments of his opponents, just as he did with the Philosophers. He would then go through each argument they make and then derive the principles and logic that such arguments are founded on. And then using those same principles and logic that his opponents held so sacred, he would utterly destroy them (figuratively, of course) in such a way that they would look foolish and be incapable of ever speaking again. I wish I had a time machine or something to bring Imam Ghazali now to deal with the Emersons, Coulters, and Hasans of today…

Unfortunately, no such time machine exists… at least not that I know of. Therefore, the challenge lies on the shoulders of Muslims who want to do the right thing and save this religion from the literary attacks that threaten to destroy the minds and spirits of its followers, particularly here in America. As much as I disagree with the progressives, I must applaud them for their ability to be heard and to use the medium of the written word to get their point out. This ability of theirs has grown in the recent months, and I fear it won’t be long before non-Muslims consider them to be the representatives and official mouthpieces of the larger American Muslim community.

We need traditional Muslims to embrace this challenge: to study the arguments of our opponents intelligently and use the written and spoken word to destroy them Ghazalically (I know that’s not a word, but it sounds pretty damn cool, doesn’t it?)

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  1. check it out u posted about this earlier this was circulating on email
    about poek of the cloak

  2. Salaam brother Kamran. I’m still trying to figure out how to use my mind, but let me give you a glimpse of how it works. Reading your entry led me to search for “Ghazali.” But then I thought, I wonder if “ghazal” is connected to “Ghazali.” So I used wikipedia on ghazal too. I found a connection from ghazal to Rumi, and there is certainly a connection between Rumi and Ghazali. But I thought you’d like to see this actual text, from the wikipedia entry on “ghazal.”
    ” In poetry (and as the lyrics in songs), the ghazal is a poetic form consisting of couplets which share a rhyme and a refrain. (The Arabic word “ghazal” is pronounced roughly like the English word “guzzle”, but with a different first consonant, and literally means “speaking with women”). “

  3. Anonymous permalink

    these hackers are bigger niggas den u kamran…u shud learn from them…holla

  4. Anonymous permalink

    haha God bless the Hackers Ameen!

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