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December 16, 2004

Poor Excuse of a Post

Alhamdulillah, I finally finished–well, more like survived–through a grueling finals week to start what is going to be the last winter break of my life. Considering that I had my last summer vacation this past summer, it’s going to be a while before I get to enjoy some extended time off. I oughta try and make this the most productive break ever… but I think I’ll spend some quality time with my xbox instead.

Speaking of which, I beat Prince of Persia: Sands of Time last Friday… in the midst of finals… the story and game were so amazing that after my Pathology final on Friday, I came home and spent 3 quality hours beating the rest of the game. They just released Prince of Persia: Warrior Within a week ago and I finally got my hands on a rented copy from one of those game-rental websites… so I can copy it onto the xbox and have something to do over break.

The storyline for Warrior Within is pretty darn cool. Because of the Prince’s actions in Sands of Time wherein he messed around by rewinding/accelerating time, Time itself sends this bad-guy demon to hunt him down. The only chance that the Prince has for survival is to go back in time and prevent the Sands from ever being created in the first place. Notwithstanding the various time paradoxes that result from such a premise (I still think the coolest time paradox was in a post I did last year on blurty: Time Paradox), the game offers the same types of puzzles as before with new combat weapons and options. Unfortunately, the noble Prince has been replaced with a darker, meaner, bitter version; whereas the Prince in Sands of Time is trying to do the right thing, the Prince in Warrior Within is basically trying to save his own behind, no matter the cost.

The Prince is still a stud, it’s just that he’s a total bad-a– too now. I wish I were like the Prince, hence the new profile pic.

Pretty interesting how when I wrote the Theory of Wife Demotion post back in September that it created controversy, specifically amongst the double-x chromosome community, and we experienced quite a bit of bashing (yeah, what else is new right, just look at the chatterbox and the various parties that like to anonymously bash on me) by those who felt indignant at non-existant slights. But then when you write a completely opposite post from the TWD, it doesn’t get nearly as much mention (both in terms of website hitss and comments) as the prior one. I guess my experiment turned out as I had expected: when one sensationalizes something (in the style of Fox News), everyone is engrossed, but when one doesn’t do so, it just isn’t as interesting…

I found this interesting as well:

This also looks to be, Inshallah, a great event and another step in developing authentic, educational, and entertaining Muslim entertainment: The story of how the Burdah even came about is a beautiful one to begin with, and I’m really interested in seeing how they bring this in a visual medium that can be entertainment/education for Muslims and da`wah for non-Muslims.

Yeah, so as you can tell, this post isn’t that interesting, educational, or even amusing. My brain’s tired. I’ll have something good, Inshallah, in a day or so.


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  1. is it just me or does the Prince have a keen resemblance to the artist formerly known as Prince?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    This post is about as bad as mine usually are…
    wait that didnt come out right..
    Regardless.. NO EPROPS FOR YOU! okay well maybe one…
    p.s i have this cute cuzin/family friend, she’s only like 10 yrs old she’s got soem mad ear stroking abilities… its huge… ah screw it one dedicated on behalf of her to you.. cuz i’m a nice guy.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    you know, times like this i wish i went to med school…how the frik are you playing xbox and wasting time with xanga when you had friggin finals? now ur just chillin as if the finals was nuttin but a mere memory, while some were crying and pulling over nighters over math 090 finals. i think kr is some kind of of warlord that has high connections. but can we really have a three foot midget warlord trying to dominate this planet?

  4. how can i play xbox and waste time with xanga when i have finals?
    the answer is quite simple, really…
    stop caring about med school.

  5. One of the coolest things about Prince of Persia:Sands of Time is the detailed portrait of Persian culture that it offers. Early in the game, the unnamed Prince makes an allusion to “Rustam,” who won honor through violent battles. But the Prince says something like, “Though Rustam gained honor through bloodshed, I knew that would not be my way.” That’s pretty ironic because in the game, he’ll go on to kill a myriad of dead and undead foes. Still, it’s a cool quote.

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