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December 9, 2004

Random Stuff

1. First off, if you’re reading this, please make du`a that I do well on my exams. I have 6 exams in 7 days until next Wednesday. Considering that I went AWOL from school for about 3 weeks in Ramadan (for taraweeh purposes), I really need some Divine Help to help me get through this. Normally, I don’t post what happened in the course of a day, but something amazing happened today. Just as I was about to leave my house to make it for a 1:30 exam, the house phone rings and I’m debating whether or not to pick it up. Then I thought, I might as well pick it up… and I’m sure glad I did… on the other line was the one and only Mawlana Yusuf Islahi (hafizahullah)–any self-respecting Hanafi probably has his great book, Everyday Fiqh–who called to talk to my mom (he calls everytime he’s in the country). My mom wasn’t home, but I did ask him to hook me up with a du`a for my exams. Talk about the du`a of righteous people… I dunno how I did on the exam, but I had to be least nervous and most confident I’ve ever been for a med school exam.

2. Props to Yahya for finding this site:

I am Truman.

Which Evil Criminal are You?

3. This article REALLY ticked me off, to the point that I’ve realized I need to seriously sit down and write my anti-liberal post, which will be done right after exams, Inshallah. The fact that this fellow had no qualms in bashing and abusing our scholars, both alive and dead (Shaykh Hamza/Imam Siraj and Mawlana al-Rumi, respectively), really drove me to the edge. I have to send a shoutout to Sadiq for calming me down cause I was really ticked when I read this article. I had no real animosity to these self-proclaimed Liberal/Progressive Muslims, but it’s gotten to the point now where they’re donning the mantle of scholarship upon themselves and assuming a role of being the mouthpiece of Islam. Remind me if I forget to give me two cents on this topic, something that I keep forgetting to get around to finally doing.

4. Finally, some great Boondocks comics strips from the past two weeks:

5. Oh, one last thing… some feedback on the color scheme change would be much appreciated. Also, any thoughts on my recent decision to put the soundtrack music for the site on autoplay, such that it automatically plays everytime you visit? 1. Should I put it back to optional-play? 2. Time to change the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack to something else?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    HAHAHA…nigga u get TWO FISTS IN DA SKY man…holla at yo boy…

  2. Maulana Yusuf Islahi??? that’s awesome… I love that dude… I read that book Aadab-e-zindagi… amazing stuff..

  3. Anonymous permalink

    The color scheme is aite. Something more colorful and not so dull would be better though…That color brown you got going, what is that? Haggu brown?
    Oh and definitely set the music back to manual play and change the damn song for once… i can hook it up with this pimp instrumental.

  4. Hey?  How can you put “ESPN Sports Center” over “Abu Hamid al Ghazali” in your interests?

  5. sorry sir, i will change it immediately, thanks for pointing it out =).

  6. 2 eprops for the duality presented in your picture

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Well I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now.  In light of this Xanga setup change I gotta explain a few things now.
    I’ve secretly been posting as Hishashish or H2 but in reality i’m a Marriage Stock Analyst. This ‘bad ass’ them that KR tries to present, highlighted with his ‘gangsta pic’ and well the line ‘KR is a Bad guy’ is a front. Its sorta like that seinfeld episode where being a bad ass is in, but theres one problem, that KR is NOT a bad ass.
    Its time for an audity folks. KR is not a bad ass, he has all these posts about women making roti’s and stuff and trying to show his macho side. Its all a front. He’s a tame little mouse. He’s going to be sooo whipped when he gets married.
    Basically as in the seinfeld episode, I play the role of Elaine, “Ladies KR IS NOT A BAD ASS” Whoever is blessed to marry the fool, will own him!
    -Marriage Stock Evaluator

  8. KamKam!
    I’m Charles Manson.

  9. Asalamolaikum
    Challenges Facing the Muslim Youth
    A YMFA-sponsored MCWS dinner
     6:30 PM on December the 18th
    Excellent Speaker: Br. Kamran Riaz from Chicago
    Amazing Food!
    All, so close to home at your very own Canton Masjid..
    Be sure to bring all your family and friends, its a topic everyone can gain from..
    See you there inshallah

  10. subhanallah, what a lie “excellent speaker”
    it should read: “Sa’ad wasn’t available so we had to settle for the worst guy from Chicago: Kamran Riaz”

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