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November 14, 2004

Since You Guys Asked…

Some of you might look at this and be like, whoa, I can’t believe he’d actually post this. To make sure we’re all clear and my intentions are known to everyone, I’m only posting this because many of you have asked me to share some of my recitations. Moreover, if there’s any good or any benefit in this file, not only is it all from Allah, but I’m hoping that by people listening to it and saying ameen to the du’as, that Allah will accept these du’as and reward me accordingly. Finally, I remember a few years ago at an ISNA convention when I recited before an Imam Siraj Wahhaj speech… after the speech, he came to and said, “Never stop what you’re doin’ brother, no matter what people say, never ever stop.” This one’s for you, Imam Siraj…
Anyway, mad props to Saqib for taking the time to edit the file, add an echo, and clean up the “hissing” noise in the background. Also mad props to Fahad for hosting this on his server. I think Fahad would prefer it people downloaded the file, rather than trying to simply play it. Take a minute to make a nice du’a for these cats as well.
As for the actual du`a, I guess I just started and since no one told me to stop, I kept going without realizing that it would take up all this time. As I’m hearing the file now, here’s an outline that might be helpful:
Breakdown of the Du’a:
Arabic Part – Opening Praise of Allah, Prayer on the Prophet, Du’as specific to the finishing of the Qur’an and asking for blessings from the Qur’an, various other du’as, du’as for Muslims across the world (including the Du’a al-Nasiri of Imam Dar`i to alleviate the plight of the world’s Muslims), more hadith/Quranic du’as, du’a for Allah to accept worship and du’a, end with prayer on the Prophet with a mentioning of some of his Noble Characteristics.
English Part – sort of a summary of the Arabic, a chance for people to make their own du’as, and basically stuff I couldnt figure out how to say in Arabic
Finally, Eid Mubarak to everyone out there. As we enjoy this Eid, do not forget our suffering Muslim brothers and sisters all across the world. Also, pray for all of creation (mankind, animals, the environment, etc) to be protected from the plots of the unjust oppressors.
PS: sorry for this post being in bold. I dunno why it happened that way. I tried to change the formatting and stuff, but it still came out in bold. My bad.

Khatam Dua 2004

Frankfurt Masjid

62:04 mins

35.5 MB


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  1. oh yea… so i give u permission to host the file on my server… 😉

  2. barakallahu feek

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Sudais was at the frankfurt masajid?
    (and whats with the bold?)
    (oh and Go bears! 19-17!)

  4. The bold is a result of his lazy butt copy pasting my HTML.

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