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November 5, 2004

kr Sounds Off About the Elections

So it’s finally over. The thing that we had all feared, four more years of the evil monkey in power, has come to pass and we are forced to deal with the consequences. Actually, it was a competition between our 2nd worst fear (Kerry) vs. our number one fear (Bush), and I’m not sure that had Kerry won, if I wouldnt be griping about his inept policies and anti-Muslim behavior promotion a few months from now. But before I get to my final conclusion, I do have to sound off a little bit, because really, I don’t see how Americans voted for Bush. As my path professor, Dr. Kirshenbaum, said, it seems there is a direct relationship between stupidity and getting elected to office in America. I’d add to that and say there’s a direct relationship between being an American and displaying unrestrained stupidity. Americans conveniently ignored all the Bush regime’s failures (national security, economy, education, healthcare, environment, etc.) and fell in love with the “morality” of the Republican party. Isn’t that the greatest irony ever: the Republican party won because of its morality. (I guess it’s more “moral” to be against same-sex marriages and abortion that it is to be against killing thousands of innocent people for elite corporate interests…).

A lot of people are saying that Kerry wouldn’t have been much better for Muslims. Perhaps not. But my main reason for voting for him (in addition to his better healthcare and environment policies that appealed to the med student and tree-hugger in me) was the fact that he didn’t have an agenda–open agenda, at least–to go to war with anymore Muslim countries. To not see anymore needless Muslim deaths was essentially my only reason for voting for Kerry. That and the fact that 90% of college-educated people voted Kerry… oh well, at least Jon Stewart and Bill Maher are gonna have solid material for 4 years.

Anyway, so I was really pissed about it on Wednesday morning. All day Tuesday I had been making du`a to Allah that He give victory to whoever will be less detrimental to all of creation, especially Muslims. In my erroneous human judgement, I thought the lesser of two evils was Kerry. But God knows and ye do not know, and certainly what He willed to happen came to pass. As hard as it may be for us to fathom, this latest Bush re-election came to pass only because of Allah’s willing it to happen: “…and He gives power to whom He wills…”. In other words, before Muslims–and even Americans–start to push the proverbial panic button, let us remember that God’s still in control. I feel pretty confident with Him at the helm. He did this for a reason: “…and it may be that you hate a thing and in it is goodness for you…”. I’m not going to speculate into the unseen and surmise what this goodness is. But since this came from God, it has to be good, it cannot be evil. How can it not be evil, you ask? At the risk of being partially blasphemous, I’m going to say something:

While God can do everything, there is one thing that He cannot do.

Before you make charges of heresy against me, hear me out. Yes, it is true that God has power over all things and He does as He wills. But, we must also remember that Allah is the embodiment of Absolute Good in its highest form. Absolute Good is goodness to such an extent that there is not even the slightest bit of evil contained within the essence of that entity. Perhaps an example will clarify: given two clear and pure lakes of water, if one mixes a small–nay, even insignificant–amount of manure into one of the lakes, then even though overall both of the lakes are clean and pure, only the unadulterated lake (the one without the manure) is Absolutely Pure. In other words, if God is Absolute Good, there cannot be anything about Him that is even remotely evil. We believe that He created evil for a reason (but even that evil is good if you think about it… a discussion for another day), but He cannot do something that is evil (our scholars say that even punishing the disbelievers in the Hell-fire is an act of mercy and goodness because they finally recognize their Lord in Hell). God can only do acts of goodness and it is our incompetent eyes that see such things in relative terms as good and evil. It is our lack of patience and courage that causes us to view things with the eyes of negativity. We forget that Allah has promised to show us the beauty and reason for all “evil” things, whether it be days, months, or years later–if none of these, then at the time of the Resurrection, all shall be made clear such that “Certainly you were heedless of it before this, but now We have removed your veil, so your sight today is sharp like iron (50:22)”.

What’s your point kr, sometimes you talk too much, get to the point.

Alright, fair enough. My point is we need to stop getting discombobulated and getting thrown into disarray when things happen that we don’t expect or don’t wish to happen. The talk and main concern of Muslims in the past few days has been about the elections, when these last glorious days of Ramadan are passing through like sand slipping between our fingertips. I admit that I too am guilty of this: I felt even worse on Wednesday morning when I realized I was sitting online until 3 am waiting for the election results and feverishly clicking between various news sites and looking at countless red and blue maps of America. I so could have used that time to do something (prayer, Qur’an, du’a, etc) that would have benefitted me in both worlds, as compared to knowing the results of an election that really wouldn’t benefit me in either world.

These are the last 10 days of Ramadan, the days of freedom from the Hell-fire. I don’t know about you guys, but these are the days that I’ve been the most in need of and have been waiting for since the last Ramadan. Shaytan must be rejoicing from the depths of Hell when he sees so many Muslims so attentive to these elections and thrown into psychological imbalance that it prevents them from maximizing their worship, qualitatively and quantitatively. I therefore leave you with one last thought: while Bush might be rejoicing over winning his elections, Shaytan is rejoicing over how Muslims have reacted to the elections. You and I cannot control Bush’s celebrations; we can, however, stick it to Iblis and cut down on his celebrations by cutting down the number of companions he will have in Hell. How do we do that? Continuing with the election theme, let us instead concern ourselves with another two ballots that are vastly more important.  Each of us are on both of these ballots: one is a ballot for the Hell-fire, the other is a ballot for Paradise.  To win this election, there’s no majority vote or any electoral college; you don’t need to win the Great Plains or focus on the Northeast states. That election that will only have one voter, judge, jury and official: the Lord of Worlds, the Irresistible, the One, the Loving, and the Forgiving. We just need to please Him. Let us solidify our candidacy on the Jannah ballot and remove ourselves from that accursed Jahannam ballot in these last 10 glorious and beautiful days.

May God bless you, my children, during these last 10 days of Ramadan and accept all our prayers and may He make us amongst those freed from the Hell-fire when Ramadan comes to its conclusion.

On a side note: at least Obama won… hehe.

Also on a side note (this is for you Sa’ad), despite Bush winning the elections, we can all rejoice knowing full well that Shaykh Abdur Rahman al-Sudais is better than Shaykh Ibrahim al-Shuraim. Though I love both of these Imams, I have to say Sudais = Batman, Shuraim = Robin. Shuraim wishes he could be as cool and jolly as Sudais. Sudais will always be the President, Undisputed King, Emperor, and Supreme Overlord of the Recitors… Shuraim is like a Cabinet member. hehehe. Mashallah, just look at the nur on his face….


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  1. shuraim = batman
    sudais = alfred

  2. Anonymous permalink

    2 eProps…for acknowleding the superiority of Sudais over all other recitors. Shuraim ain’t even second (Hudhaifi is my boy at number 2).

  3. Kr’s Undisputed List of the Best Recitors
    1. Imam Sudais
    2. Shaykh Hani Rifa’i
    3. Sa’ad al-Ghamdi
    4. Imam Shuraim
    5. Taufiq al-Saigh
    6. Shaykh Salah Rashid
    7. Imam al-Qasmi (the new guy in Madinah)
    8. Shaykh Abdul Bari al-Thubaiti
    9. Shaykh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad

  4. Well KR, I don’t know about your list being undsiputed.  If it comes down to a convincing you or yourself, then you’ll definitely have the advantage.  Meaning: it has been undisputed because when people dispute you you have nothing to say (i.e., the beautiful conversation Owais, Azam, you, and I had a few nights ago).  Without going into too much detail it becomes incumbent upon me as a believer in enjoining good and forbidding evil to try to elevate truth above falsehood I will be quite blunt: Sudais has only held his position due to seniority.  Out of respect for Sudais’ age, not skill, do they not promote Shuraim to the position of being the head Imam.  But, I do know that when I went for Hajj, Sudais was given Maghrib prayer to lead (in which the shorter portions are recited) and Shuraim was given Isha prayer to lead (in which the longer portions are recited) obviously so that the congregation could enjoy the beauty and sincerity of the great recitor we call Shuraim.

  5. see the diff between you and me is that at least I give Shuraim some props.
    All the pro-Shuraim people are such Sudais-haters. this reminds me of the verse: “…When you received it with your tongues and spoke with your mouths what you had no knowledge of, and you deemed it an easy matter.”
    This claim that you make that Sudais only has kept his position due to seniority: “Praise be to You (O God!), This is a most serious accusation (slander)!”. If Sudais led Maghrib, and Shuraim led Isha, that doesn’t prove anything, really. Perhaps he led the short surahs (since more people know them) and they could enjoy listening to portions of Qur’an that they already knew… hm?
    Finally, while I know you’re joking, please don’t use the word sincerity in such a way that implies that only Shuraim has sincerity. I know you probably didn’t intend that, but someone IMed me saying that they read it like you were saying that. In the defense of my brother Sa’ad, I can safely say that Sa’ad was NOT trying to imply that ONLY Shuraim reads with sincerity. I’m sure he agrees with me that all of these amazing Imams read with sincerity and beauty. The fact that we as pathetic people know about them (and have met some of them) from thousands of miles away is sufficient proof for those with even minor eyes of clarity to realize the greatness of these shuyukh.
    But Sudais is just a little greater… =)

  6. I like the list and I agree with the placement of Ghamdi and Shuraim. But what in God’s name is up with Abdul Basit. Number 9???

  7. I think Shuraim is a better reciter than Sudais… His speed, his voice, the way he does ghunna… I just love it… Yes Sudais has the Quran better memorized… but Sudais is #1 on my list…

  8. i meant to say Shuraim is #1 on my list… 🙂

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