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October 12, 2004

More Nonsense From Me

1. With Ramadan around the corner, I hope it’ll be fitting that elections fall at the start of the last 10 days of this beautiful month. I hope that the du’as of the oppressed will be accepted and this madman Bush will be ousted forever. I’ve reached a critical boiling point of how much nonsense I can tolerate on the media without anyone raising a concern of justice or fairness. I’m not reading anymore newspapers, news articles on the web, or watching anymore news shows until Ramadan finishes. So let it be written, so let it be done.

2. Just saw the Bulls’ roster today on the web. Ya Allah, grant me patience… through thick and thin though, right, through thick and thin… Ben Gordon is the heralded messiah, and from the looks of this picture (he’s been working out), if you imagine that it’s his right hand holding up the index finger, he’s like that close to being a Muslim…

3. Just read this in the news today (ok, so I lied about not reading any more news articles, I won’t read anymore American political news articles, thats my new vow):


CARACAS, Venezuela — Libya on Sunday awarded its annual Moammar Gadhafi human rights prize to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for resisting “imperialism” and being a champion of the poor.

A citation accompanying the award, named after Libya’s leader, was read by a Libyan delegation attending a live television and radio show hosted by Chavez.>>

The Moammar Gadhafi human rights prize? That must be a joke, right. What’s next, a George W. Bush human rights prize? One thing that still boggles my mind is when you see his picture:

and then see the picture of his daughter, you realize Mendelian maternal inheritance of genes definitely exists and for many is a well-needed miracle:

DISCLAIMER: Since many people are getting the wrong idea, I DO NOT think Ghadafi’s daughter is good-looking. I was merely using this to point out that maternal inheritance of genes (Mendelian style) certainly works, otherwise how you do get someone human looking from a demonic father?

4. Alhmdulillah, I finally got through midterms today. Path, Pharm, and Microbiology were pretty decent, but Clinical Pathophysiology abused me like a government mule… I felt violated to nth degree all throughout that exam.

5. Finally, speaking of mules, here’s how you know when your ass is too small:


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  1. please dont proclaim that ben gordon, the infidel bull, is that close to being Muslim. he is clearly holding up his finger not with his “kahney ka” hand, but in its stead, his “bathroom ka” hand. thank you.

  2. youre such an eprop nazi these days sadiq.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I feel like that ass right now… and verily i am not an eprop nazi
    *wait that didnt come out right* DOH

  4. heres an early eid present.

  5. If you can believe it, I have a funny story about Ghadafi. My mom remembers a time back in the sixties when Ghadafi visited Karachi. She tells me that the girls went crazy for Muammar, as if he were a rock star. Seriously. At the time, he was a very charismatic leader. In fact, when he spoke in Pakistan, he spoke in Arabic, and Libyan Arabic at that. You know as well as I do that very few desis can understand Libyan Arabic. But again, like a rock star, even though he wasn’t speaking the local language, he made a great impression on the Pakistanis. My point is, don’t be fooled into thinking that Ghadafi has always been an isolated gloomy dictator. Like Mick Jagger, he has seen much better days.

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