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October 6, 2004

Random Thoughts

With exams going on for the next week or so (gasp, I have a life outside of this website), I don’t really have many interesting things to say. However, a couple of random thoughts

1. What’s with Muslim gatherings and the horrible logistics regarding the placement of food. Nothing is placed in a logical way that will maximize the best way for one to get one’s food. I would think that a rice, raita, meats, vegetables, breads, and salads would make the most sense. But nooo, just as with everything, we’re completely out of order and illogical. Specifically, and the worst example of this, is when THEY PUT THE RAITA(yogurt) AS THE FIRST THING IN THE BUFFET. What the hell is that? What am I supposed to put the raita on? It would make more sense to put the raita immediately after the rice/biryani, but NO, we always freakin put in in the front. I hate having to get my rice and then cut back into line in front of people to get that ever-so important bit of raita on the biryani to temper and finalize its flavor. Most people may not know this, but raita is the quintessential ingredient for a fine biryani experience: most bad biryanis can be attributed to horrible raitas, as our esteemed colleague Omar Ashrafi has mentioned earlier. Having said this, it boggles my mind why we continue to make such a blatant error. People ought to know that the wrong raita placement leads to backcutters (such as myself) which leads to a delay in food procurement which leads to a delay in food enjoyment which leads to a increase in the amount of time eating (and complaining about the food) which then leads to being unable to follow the agenda for a given dinner. All because of improper raita placement. I think a good public service thing for anyone to do at such gatherings would be to move the raita from its ridiculously placed front position and put it immediately next to the rice. You’d be doing the world a service.

2. Sammy Sosa walking out on his team at Sunday’s game has to be one of the worst things I’ve ever seen and the best example of exactly what’s wrong with sports today. The same guy who flouts himself as a “warrior” and a “gladiator” left in the middle of the 2nd inning. Talk about not being a team player… it’s time Sosa goes. I know he and McGwire saved baseball in ’98, but I’m sick and tired of his swinging at everything including balls thrown to the dugout, bat-corking, premature-hopping, not standing closer to the plate, hot taco eating, “baseball been good to me” overpaid whiny (blank). Pick up Carlos Beltran or Magglio. Hollandsworth is a better contact hitter and a comparable fielder.

3. “Indeed God is not ashamed to set forth a parable of even a gnat…” As I’ve been cramming for pharmacology in the past couple of days, one of the things that I’ve found quite amazing with antimicrobial drugs (drugs that kill bacteria) is the fact that many bacteria are able to develop resistances to these drugs such that the drugs are no longer effective. In other words, antibiotics selectively strains for those “creme de la creme” type of bacteria that can deal with adverse conditions and thus multiply in future generations while the weaker bacteria die off. One of the ways these resistant bacteria develop is by mutations–changing in the face of adverse conditions to respond to them and thus survive and thrive. It makes one think: if bacteria can make necessary changes to survive in harsh environments–and not only make changes to let them live, but changes that actually let them thrive, why can’t human beings–a higher life form–make necessary changes in their lives too? While we can’t mutate our DNA and develop novel genes as quickly, we certainly can make behavioral and lifestyle changes to survive and thrive in harsh conditions. If bacteria can do it, why can’t we? Think of this in terms of Ramadan coming up. Ramadan literally means intense heat; in other words, think of it as selectively straining for those creme de la creme people that can be purified and thrive, just as gold becomes purified when heated and the lesser metals are burned away. I pray we all can be purified in this intense heat from our odious characteristics and behaviors such that only the pure and beneficial aspects of ourselves remain such that we can survive in this life and thrive in both.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Well i want to address two points. Why do you get 2 eprops. Here is the break down:
    1 eprop for the Raitha piece: That was freaking a post that needed to be said. Its always on my mind when i see the raitha placed at the front, and say i cant see waht the other dishes are, because of the sheer crowd of people, i dont know what the raitha is for? I mean i guess i could put it on the side, but then i got it wishy washing all over my plate. I like to compartmentalize. (I’m going to put a post up about paper plates) I need everything in its place. I’m not big on having raitha swishy swashing all over my plate and interfering with the other things that it shouldnt be interfering with. But yes basically i agree with youre points.
    2. You get no eprops for repeating AGAIN (Saudi’s Xanga was 1st time) Give hollandswroth an entire seasons worth of starts and he wouldnt be batting that high or with that much power. Sosa is still a stud and Cubs baseball is indebted to him. True he sucks and will continue to suck, but thats the darn thing about being indebted to them. He owns them untill he retires… or at least untill they cant afford to pay him, nonetheless Sammy is the cubs daddy. Baby daddy and so forth and so on.
    But where does the other eprop point come from. Lets just say thanks for the phone call the other day. Much appreciated habibi

  2. Relax. eProps aren’t what make the world go round.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    For KR they rock his world

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