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October 3, 2004

If You’re Seeking Knowledge…

People who want to seek sacred knowledge these days are going off to places like Syria, India, Yemen, and Pakistan.

Mashallah that’s awesome, but I humbly suggest that Africa is the place to go. The North African desert, what an environment. No wonder Shaykh Hamza studied intensively in Mauritania. There must be something special about the methods for memorization and teaching that they employ there that differ from the ones used elsewhere.

But I suggest one ought to go Kenya. Here’s why:


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  1. if you cant tell this post was a joke…
    i give up.

  2. ok, this deserves eprops. im going to kenya.

  3. where you see lions… only in kenya
    forget norway!

  4. you know when u listed the countries in the first line, i was gona say “dude you forgot Mauritania…
    and this link was sent to me by Abdul Sattar… here’s the funny part, the other day… he was giving a lecture about Ramadan I think and he compared shaitan to a little monkey jumping around and snatching your pens away… when he said that, i laughed so hard because I rememberd this dumb link…

  5. Name this movie:”When you think of garbage…think of Hakim!”

  6. coming to america with eddie murphy?

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