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September 20, 2004

My Protege

The Islamic Relief dinner for Sudan was held tonight. The attendance was crappy (shame on the Chicago Muslims) but alhamdulillah, those who came stepped up big time. From about 120 people, they were able to raise over $50,000.

Anyway, during the dinner, a friend of mine took this picture of me and my protege, Isa Ahmed Patel, son of my two psycho friends, Saad Patel and Qudsia Siddiqui. The kid’s only 4 months old, but considering what a blast he had playing with me at the dinner, I think he would be a perfect person for me to mold and make my protege. I told Saad to send him to live with me when he turns 3 so that I can teach him the ways of the seekers and be a positive male role model in his life (cause Lord knows Saad Patel isn’t one).

This kid is too cute, mashallah. That black kufi on his head is mine, for the record. What’s that rascal Mumran doing in the background?

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  1. Kamran: When your son grows up, is about 3 or 4 years old, could you–
    Qudsiya: [zooms her face to her baby] I wouldn’t punish my baaaaby like that. No I wouldn’t punish my baaaaby.
    Saqib: [behind the scenes while doing AV cleanup] Hahahahaahah.
    Masha’Allah one ADORABLE kid. I saw him in his house earlier that day!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I testify to the truthness of that one Saqib. I’m just jealous cuz i thought I was youre protege?

  3. Anonymous permalink

    That baby is HOT mashallah. A stud and a half!

  4. cute kid masha’Allah

  5. HAHAHA!!! It was only a matter of time before Imran’s mubarak face made its appearance on KR’s Xanga. Imran, take off that fez…you’re not Turkish, but rather a dirty Bangalori!

  6. sadiq you sellout… youre bangalori too. just cause you married a paki doesnt mean you need to turn on your peoples.
    bangalore gave the world masala dosai, idli, uppama, and such.
    what the hell did pakistan do for the world lately?
    therefore sadiq, in my role as head of the Descendants of Bangaloris (DB), i have excommunicated you from our brotherhood. and this day, i give to you the most odious of titles:
    Sadiq, you are a Pakistani.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    The eprop is for the bacha with the kufi. “Pakistani” is the most odious of titles? That’s so hurtful! I think you should post why you feel that way in order to make your opinion sound and coherent.Btw, cool website, although your commenters are a bit crazy.-Psuedofob.p.s. veggie dosai suck

  8. Lol at kiddo…cute mashallah…
    make dua for me salam

  9. KR…need I remind you that you’re only half Bangalori while I, Sadiq Shariff, am 100% Bangalori. boo yeah.

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