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August 16, 2004

We Already Prayed Asr… Extreeeeeme!

Alhamdulillah, finally, after a year of finishing 2nd or 3rd place in tournaments, our team, We Already Prayed Asr (WAPA), won the annual UIUC/YMMA 5-on-5 basketball tournament ( today. Due to the incompetency of one Saqib Shafi, there are no pictures or media from the tournament since he was too busy with his girlfriend–the cash register at TJ Maxx. Haha, I love you Saqib, don’t be mad and hack into my xanga or email now.

The WAPA franchise actually was registered as WAPA Extreme… perhaps to reflect the immediacy with which we went into this tournament with, sick and tired of always finishing short, and fearing a Sacramento Kings-like label.  And alhamdulillah we played with a sense of urgency–a sense of extreeeeeme-ness–as we finally got together before the actual tournament and played together. In the past, we’d usually just show up after months of not playing together and hope to win. We finally learnt our lesson from the summer MEC tournament and practiced together.

Though we were missing two of our key players (Ibrahim Shamsi [MCAT] and Abid Moiduddin [sister’s wedding]), we were inspired by the return of the one and only Omer Nazeer who played like a beast, or in the words of Charlie Murphy about Prince, “he was gettin’ boards like Charles Barkley.” The rest of the cast, Rehan (team co-MVP), Asad (co-MVP), Isaac (team clown who hit a big free throw), Meraj (freakin defensive specialist), and myself (coach and founding owner of the WAPA franchise) were able to put it together against some really good teams. We have to dedicate this victory to Isaac’s dirty, nasty, viral-infected feet since the poor guy has to have surgery on his feet again (3rd time), so be sure to send some du’as and love for my boy. You’re my boy, Isaac!

Anyway, I realize this was basically the exclamation point on the summer of Kamran. While I wasn’t able to accomplish all of my goals this summer (e.g., world domination, playing for an NBA team, etc), overall, alhamdulillah, it was a good summer. I wish I had made more use of my time to read more and try to become a better person… but I guess I’ll have to be content with whatever I was able to do these past 3 months. Monday marks my return to prison, I mean medical school, as I start my 2nd year. I was just getting used to waking up late and doing absolutely nothing everyday too. Hah, what am I talking about, I’m prolly gonna be hardcore with school for about a week and then go back to waking up late and doing absolutely nothing everyday.


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    play starcraft with me man

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