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August 6, 2004

Random Thoughts

There’s been too many things going on in the past couple of days for me to seriously sit down and write something of importance. I was thinking about writing a post about liberal Muslims and their call to “reinterpret the Qur’an” and whatnot… but someone (ahem Imran) who was supposed to send me links that would serve as a springboard for such a discussion has been delinquent in providing me with those links. Anyway, there’s been several things going on, so let’s move on, shall we?

1. I’m sure the entire Muslim community in America has probably heard by now, but if you haven’t, a dear friend of mine, Sa’ad Quadri, was seriously injured in an outdoor accident last Saturday while climbing a tree in Michigan. He’s been in the hospital since then, and has actually stabilized over the past couple of days. Alhamdulillah, his situation is a lot better than before, but du’as now are just as important as they were in the days prior, so take a few moments to make du’a for him and his family.

2. Speaking of Prior, anyone see Mark Prior today pitch 6 innings of no-run baseball? It’s good to see the Cubs finally working on all cylinders again since they’re healthy for the first time this season. Hats off to Jim Hendry for having the guts to go out and bring in Nomar to provide this offense with the much needed firepower it sorely needed.

3. My humble disciple, Atif Jaleel, introduced me to a new fitnah on Monday. Using his vile powers of deception and deceit, he lured me into a Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream. I agreed, thinking that it’s prolly just another ice cream store and I could go for some ice cream since I hadn’t had any for a long time. Lo and behold, I was addicted immediately, worse than a veteran crack junkie. I had the Pecans and Cream Passion and was amazed by how damn good it was. It was so good that I had go back on Wednesday again, this time indulging myself in the Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some. Even now, I see blurs of French vanilla ice cream, cookie dough, graham cracker pie crust, caramel, and other such delectables every where I go.


Man, it’s 1 am right now and I’m craving Cold Stone… damn you Atif

4. I find it interesting that in the Muslim community, at least in Villa Park, clothes definitely are a deciding factor in how people talk to you and even look at you. Case in point: I had given khutbah there a month ago and several of the regular uncles there came over and spent some time talking to me, showing a great deal of courtesy and respect that overwhelmed me. At that time, I was wearing a kurtha/khaki combination for Jumu’ah. When I was there the other day for Asr, I was wearing khakis and a polo shirt. These same uncles didn’t even look at me, and when I went over to say salaam to them after the prayer, all I got was a reply and a “look”. I’m not sure if the look was “who are you” or “why are you not dressed in a thobe”, but nonetheless, I found it quite interesting. This isn’t the first time this has happened, by the way, for those of you wondering, it’s happened several times before. Just makes one wonder what are the criteria that we use to give others the time of day.

5. I came across this website the other day:  I went through the website and couldn’t believe this was actually a REAL website; I thought someone was making a satirical joke, in the style of But apparently not, this guy who made this website, Muhammad Ali Hassan (a filmmaker), is gung-ho and hardcore in his support for Bush since he sincerely believes the Bush is great for Muslims. I don’t know where to begin in my assessment of such a website, but all I can say is that I’m posting some comments from an interview he gave to another “out-there” website,, my comments/indignations are in parenthesis and italicized in the text of his statements

MWU!: Tell us about why you have formed this group?

Muhammad Ali Hasan: The main reason we founded it is we truly believe that President Bush is good for Muslims. We feel like he is getting a bad rap (from who? Fox News?). A lot of Muslims are going against him not for the right reasons (hmm, I guess invading two countries and killing thousands of Muslims without capturing the real bad guys, increasing national debt, giving tax breaks to the wealthy, destroying the environment, fricking up the healthcare system, and successfully making America the most hated country in the world are not right reasons buddy). If there is someone who is very wrong for the job, it is John Kerry. Bush is the right guy for Muslims. (sure, and the White Sox are a good team)

MWU!: Why is Kerry so bad for Muslims?

Muhammad Ali Hasan: He is bad at a lot of levels…The second reason is that Kerry has said that he wants to denuclearize Pakistan.(oh no, God forbid, a corrupt and screwed up country like Pakistan is going to be denuclearized!?!? surely, this is an affront of the highest order to the Muslim world and we cannot allow the virtuous Pakistani gov’t to lose its cache of nukes! God forbid!) Pakistan has been America’s greatest ally in the war on terror.(read: Pakistan sent some towels and nihari, the boneless kind, of course, to American forces in Iraq) If John Kerry is going to ruin that, it will hurt Pakistan and the war on terror.

MWU!: Which of these three would you pick as the best thing that President Bush has done for Muslims in his first term: the Patriot Act, the invasion of Afghanistan, or the invasion of Iraq?

Muhammad Ali Hasan: That’s a good question. The Patriot Act wasn’t good, but we have to keep in mind that it hasn’t been too too bad…. (hasn’t been too too bad?? Have the FBI come to your house and taken you away for interrogation for days, weeks, months on end, with no charges or evidence against you? Once the Act hits someone close to you Mr. Hasan, then come talk to me.)

Anyway, I could go on, but I think the following will suffice. After looking at this guy’s picture, something tells me I shouldn’t trust him:

6. Finally, in the “subhanallah” department: I was driving to teach my MCAT class today when I witnessed an accident happen right before my eyes. A car was trying to take a right turn into the main road and another car was in the intersection. The guy trying to turn into traffic apparently thought he could gun it onto the main road and tried to do so, but he hit an oncoming car and that car ricocheted and hit the car in the intersection.  Frickin, no one else stopped, all these other LOSERS just kept going as if nothing had happened. So I got out of my car, and being the med student then I am, made sure that everyone was ok. The guy whose car was hit and then hit the car in the intersection was bleeding from his forehead, so I tended to that and was able to stop the bleeding. Amazingly, none of the 3 cars involved had cell phones (well, the girl whose car was in the intersection had one, but she was being hysterical and crying on the phone to her mom, even though her car was barely hit), so I called 911 and waited till the police came. The cops came, made sure everyone was ok, then asked me what happened and took down my story. They thanked me for helping out and asked for my name and address. I gave them my first and last name, but they asked for my middle name too, so I told them it was Mohammed. The cop looked at me and asked if I was Muslim, and I said yes. He said, “Wow, you know, I see a lot of things on TV and in the media about Muslims and I didn’t know what to think until now. But seeing as you were the only one who stopped and helped these people out, that’s really wonderful.” I told him that I was just doing what my religion had taught me and he smiled and was nodding his head for a while before I took my leave. Inshallah I hope I was able to leave everyone with a good impression of myself and my religion.

And I hope I was able to leave you all with an unexplainable craving for Cold Stone. mmmm, Cold Stone….


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  1. :)… quick Q: I don’t know but I want to know this: why was He climbing the tree anyways??? not to be funny or anything but it seems kinda odd for a guy like him….-that ice-cream place rocks!-that site is full of crap!-Good job on the accident, I wonder what the guy would of said if you accidently made it worst?

  2. oh and that site is offering money to make a commercial for Bush… lol… gives me a great idea…

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