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July 26, 2004


“Do not say much / Beyond our explanations lies therein a secret”

These two lines of poetry written by the Proof of Islam al-Ghazali were written in a refutation of his to Imam al-Zamakhshari.

Clearly, my posts were not even a fraction of al-Ghazali’s works, and they certainly need some clarification and explanation.

1. I wrote these posts (and the website even) mainly to a select group of people, i.e., people whom I know and converse with on a daily basis and who know me personally. This isn’t to say that I didn’t want people I didn’t know to read them, but I certainly didn’t keep them in mind when I wrote these posts. Hence, I was able to take much more liberty in the way I phrased certain things, since I knew that people who knew me wouldn’t take offense to the way I phrased certain things. Foremost among them is the title of the first post, “Why Salafism and its Illegitimate Child, Wahhabism, are Evil”; the use of the word “evil” has been a long running joke between myself and my good friend Emad (aka Saudi). Those who know the both of us knew what that was referencing to, and I certainly wasn’t trying to make an insulting statement to groups of people I disagree with. Also included here are the use of words like “Gestapo”, etc. I think this is something that many people who didn’t know me or Emad misunderstood and took it for its literal meaning. Considering that my xanga now has become like a cancer, growing too large for its own good (getting over 60 unique hits a day), I need to be more careful with the inside jokes lest others take them in a wrong manner.

2. With that being said, the whole point of this was to lay out–at least what I believed–to be inconsistencies and flaws amongst the Salafs and Wahhabis. Note that I took certain liberties in grouping the two categories together (though if one reads carefully, one will see that I do define the difference between the two) for the sake of brevity–since these posts were getting too long anyway. Anyway, I want to re-emphasize, since it’s apparent that many people are believing this, that I never intended to rip apart Salafism (or even Wahhabism for that matter, even though I was certainly harder on the Wahhabis) or insult them; rather, it was a laying out of my points of view–which I believed I backed up with sufficient proofs–for the sake of composed discussion amongst myself, Saudi, and those who know us. I never intended to wage a crusade against Salafism or somehow make them out to be believers on a lower-tier.  Furthermore, I did not–and I thought I was clear on this–seek to establish world hegemony for tasawwuf; my only argument throughout the two posts was that spirituality, holistically, has been forgotten and cast aside in the Muslim world today.  One of the reasons for this, in my opinion, is the influence of factions within the Salafs/Wahhabis; I merely wanted to point this out. My call was only to re-consider spirituality seriously, nothing more. Note that I still stand by all my points as I feel that I provided evidence where applicable; yet, I recognize there may be valid opinions that others have that have their own evidences as well.

3. Lastly, to all those who have either passionately agreed with me or vehemently disagreed with me: this website has never meant to be a site for debate and intense argumentation. If you read the nature of the posts I’ve made since I started this site, they’ve ranged from commentary on the Lakers to poetry to my ranting on various things. In other words, please stop thinking this site to be a haven for your daily dose of Islam or a vehicle of the dark side. As I’ve said before, I’d like to think of this website as that Japanese Kobayashi guy eating all those hot dogs: you know it’s disgusting to watch, you can be doing much better things with your time, and you don’t know why you’re watching, but for some reason, you can’t help but watch anyway.

Anyway guys, I’m not out to change the world or implement my own agenda with this website, so relax. Perhaps I need to write a really ridiculous post soon, perhaps something about why coconuts donuts are the best donuts or why maximas are better than accords or why salafis are evil…

That last part was a joke, alright…

Finally, a shameless plug for what I’m reading (I didn’t finish reading it after I got it in the mail):


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