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July 13, 2004

Is She Muslim?

So I got into a discussion with someone the other day about whether or not Rudi Bakhtiar, one of the lead anchors for CNN, is Muslim or not (Now I know why people watch CNN all the time). He insisted she was, saying she was born as an Iranian Shi’ite whose parents fled Iran at the onset of the Iranian Revolution. I had my doubts, so if anyone knows the answer to this, leave a comment.


That’d be great if she were Muslim…


Note #1: I changed the eprops and comments thing to “Chappal (sandal) slaps” and “broke khutbahs”, the latter being a tribute to most of the khutbahs in Chicagoland masjids. Feel free to give me a chappal slap if I write something worthwhile.

Note #2: they don’t have a “Currently Eating” thing, but I wish they did, cause lately I’ve been eating these amazing cherries from Jewel (the ones that have a seed in them). I’ve been housing them like nobody’s business.

Note #3: I forgot to mention another highlight of my Cali trip, which was hanging out with the one and only Ilyas Ahmed. Poor guy, after graduating from UIC, he had to go all the way out to Cali to get a job for some government company. He’s supposed to get transferred back here within a year, so hopefully that happens; in the meantime, old boy is getting booooored out there. So I guess thats why even though he lives 5 hrs away from San Francisco, he drove up to spend the weekend with his uncle, then came and picked me up from the airport, took me around downtown San Francisco, and took me dinner at this great restaurant. He definitely deserves face time:

I promise, the anti-Salafi post will appear tomorrow. All you religious people (ahem, sufi Adnan) can stop being mad at me now for posting a picture of a woman…


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Add chapal slaps? So eprops went from a good thing to now a bad thing.. wassup wit that?
    So to compliment you i have to give you slaps with my chappals?
    So as my mother read youre post over my shoulder, she asked whether you stated “it woud be great if she was muslim” only cuz she’s hot.
    LoL perhaps we should leave a comment of hotness.. yay or nay.

  2. k r 1 5 6: hahah, ive gotten several girls complaining why i posted that (referring to the ‘Is She Muslim?’ post)k r 1 5 6: im thinking, screeew you, youre not hot
    point. set. match.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I dont even konw what impudent means. If i did woudl be offended, since i dont, i give you eprops. LoL

  4. Anonymous permalink

    KR lies, trying to show off like he has so many girls read his xanga, and then ontop of that acts like all these girls IM him.
    The only people that read his xanga are losers like me…

  5. No she is not a Muslim… she may be a Muslim when she was born… Nothing about her reminds me of Islam… :)…

    oh yea… YAY

  6. yeah, she looks so kafirific….

  7. Asalamu alaikum,Out of sheer boredom [rather than interest] I came across your Xanga page. I can’t help but notice the “screw you, you’re not hot” comment you made to a girl [FYI: I don’t think that Hisham counts haha jk]. But hmm, I guess the comment goes both ways, aye Kammy? Thanks for the laugh. And all in good fun insha’Allah.

  8. everyone says they come across this xanga by “boredom”…
    this xanga is like that japanese guy, kobayashi, who eats all those hot dogs…
    you know its ridiculous that youre wasting your time watching, but you cant help but watch…

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