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July 12, 2004

Random Issues that Must Be Addressed

1. First off, in response to Hisham’s comments about my not attending the uicmsa bbq yesterday, wherein he called me out and later on IM, called me and Saqib gay for not attending:

k r 1 5 6 (6:17:52 PM): saqib and i both agree
k r 1 5 6 (6:18:01 PM): the bbq wasnt worth the extra minute amount of effort
HisHashish (6:18:09 PM): you guys are gay

I don’t understand how not attending a bbq necessarily makes me “gay”. This word is so misused to describe things that it’s… just… so gay.

Then Hisham decides to play the religious card on me:

HisHashish (6:18:27 PM): was it too much for one friend to ask his two ohter firends to come and hang out? and on his xanga:

<<So some good bonding and brotherhood building isnt a priority for you?

Isnt there a hadith(?) that among those people that will stand on under the shade of Allah’s throne on the Day of Judgement are those people who meet and greet with their Muslim brothers for Allah.>>

So according to shaykh hisham, because I missed this bbq due to my spending the day in Lake Geneva with my family, brotherhood isn’t a priority for me. I guess bonding with the family is less important, according to shaykh hisham, than bonding with the same people you see every day. Again, this total lack of logic boggles my mind, but whatever, let’s indulge him (on left is Hisham, on right is that Wahhabi fanatic Imad (Saudi)… when i IMed him to ask his persmission, here’s what he had to say:

SaudiPaki (1:51:05 AM): although im flaterred u asked

SaudiPaki (1:52:05 AM): but remember at the bottom of my pic u gotta write: “Ladies -to talk to the stud…IM SaudiPaki”):

Maybe if he didn’t send me a million emails and flood my inbox about the bbq, I would have made it more of a priority to go. So then today, Saqib and I asked him, since he wanted to make us feel guilty for not bonding with him, let’s go hang out, just the three of us and have some quality bonding time:

SaqibSaab (6:19:23 PM): so what you should do
SaqibSaab (6:19:28 PM): is get up from your seat
HisHashish (6:19:36 PM): and..
SaqibSaab (6:19:45 PM): drive over to a meeting place that all 3 of us will meet at
k r 1 5 6 (6:20:01 PM): haha yeah, lets go bowling or something
HisHashish (6:20:07 PM): youguys free this wednesday?
SaqibSaab (6:20:09 PM): then we’ll watch you go into the corner
SaqibSaab (6:20:17 PM): knell down into fetal position
HisHashish (6:20:17 PM): what corner?
SaqibSaab (6:20:19 PM): and cry
HisHashish (6:20:22 PM): huH?
SaqibSaab (6:20:23 PM): boo hoo hoo
HisHashish (6:20:24 PM): why am i crying?
HisHashish (6:20:35 PM): i asked you guys if you were free wednesday..
SaqibSaab (6:20:40 PM): you’re asking me?! cuz we didn’t freakin show up to a BBQ!
HisHashish (6:20:45 PM): no dummy
HisHashish (6:20:50 PM): you said lets meet up
HisHashish (6:20:56 PM): where all three of us could blah blah blah
HisHashish (6:21:01 PM): i said.. are you guys free on wednesday
SaqibSaab (6:21:07 PM): dammit bad joke on my part, it was too long but whatever stop crying was my point.

So I’m gonna have to agree with Mufti Saqib on this one, and tell Hisham to stop crying:

Anyway, I love you Hisham, don’t get mad… just think, I put your picture up on the site and gave you free face time… “and it may be that you hate a thing and there is in it much good…”. hehe, you might hate this post, but there might be much good in it…

2. I know I already did a Ken Jennings post, but this guy is simply amazing. 29 straight wins, and he’s not even coming close to being defeated. This is just domination in the purest definition of the word. I think the really amazing thing about him is his humility. When intereviewed and asked about his impressive streak, he credited God for giving him a great memory. Also, if you watch his demeanor during and after the show, he’s really humble, unlike a lot of the other Jeopardy winners that throw their intelligence around in the face others. Nonetheless, I think perhaps what would make great TV, is to pit Ken Jennings against Hamza Yusuf on the show and see who would win. Considering that Jennings is a staunch Mormon who is deeply connected to his church, this confrontation would probably be called, by Fox if no one else, “Intellectual Crusades 2004”:


I got my money on Shaykh Hamza…

3. What is with Muslims (particularly desi Muslims) and going to Lake Geneva? There’s nothing to see or do there. It’s not that great of a lake, and there really isn’t much to do there except sit down and eat lunch along the lake. Yet, Chicago Muslims love to drive up for almost 2 hrs to sit next to this particular lake and sit around all day. This happened to me yesterday when dear mama came and woke me up at 7:30 in the morning and said we’re going to Lake Geneva… I was like, shoooot, you must be insane. But she wasn’t, and sure enough we drove for almost 2 hours to Lake Geneva, wanted to go strawberry picking but that was closed, then drove around for almost another hour trying to find parking, finally found parking, lay out our sheets, ate lunch, sat around/dozed for an hour, and then drove back home. We coulda ate lunch and sat/dozed in the comfort of our own backyard, but noooo, we had to go to Lake Geneva. Needless to say, we were right next to a Muslim (arab) family, which begs the question I stated earlier: What is with this stupid lake and Muslims wanting to go there?

Alright, thats enough of random issues. I’m gonna write an anti-salafi post soon.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
    i think hisham is right.  if he sent so many emails that flooded ure account, you should realize the importance of it for him.  im disappointed.  i used to look up to you.
    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

  2. dude, im sorry to say but i seriousley think HY would get rocked by this guy…i just saw the show yesterday…ken jennings is INSANE!!

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