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June 30, 2004


1. First off, I’ve just about had it with this “Bashir Aftab” fellow. The comments that have been left on the chatterbox in the past few days is more insult to the idiotic phone call I received a few weeks ago on early Monday morning, June 7, 2004. It was a little after midnight, and my phone rang and it said “caller ID blocked”. I wondered who could be calling me this late at night, and thought at first to just let it go to voice mail, but for some reason, I picked it up, only to hear some jagbag assuming a fob-voice who then proceeded to tell me that he feels “hot” at night and he doesn’t know what to do. I was confused and asked him why he’s calling me, and he asked me if I had spoken at the CPSA lunch earlier that day, how he got my number from his wife, and how he just gets “hot” at night and goes on the internet to do God-knows-what. He wanted me to help him, and after internally debating whether or not this was a joke, I was going to refer him to a local community leader or something, but he abruptly ended the conversation. I thought that was the end of it, that it was some jagbag trying to be funny and messing with me late at night, and now these comments on the chatterbox are the latest in his escapades of stupidity. What pissed me off even more was how this guy posted some trying-to-be-funny comments a few days immediately after my friend Hammoudi had passed away… that was pretty much the last straw. In short, this part of this post is to tell “Bashir Aftab” several things:

A. Your insensitivity in the wake of Hammoudi’s death essentially solidified your place in the all-time hall of shame. You should have realized that you’re not funny at that point and stopped your idiotic comments.

B. I don’t care if this is a joke or not anymore, it’s retarded and you need to stop. I was never laughing and I don’t plan on laughing, so don’t come up to me later and tell me it was a joke and ask me to forgive you. I’m forgiving you now only if you stop this charade immediately. I could care less who you are, find something better to do with your time.

2. Moving on to other news, I wanted to sent a shoutout and thankyou to all those people who prayed my leg would get better. Alhamdulillah, its getting much better and since yesterday, I’ve been able to walk on it again and I’ll still be able to go to California tomorrow.

3. This Jeopardy fellow, Ken Jennings, is amazing. He’s won like 20 times in a row now, and the confidence that he exudes with that buzzer in his hand… to steal a phrase from Hisham, “…clutch!” This guy’s won more than half a million and he looks untouchable, no one’s even coming close to his score to make it a competition. And while Jeopardy isn’t a sport, I think this guy has to join the list of Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, etc. as one of the most dominating people ever.

4. Speaking of sports, I was watching HBO’s Real Sports the other day, and they did this piece on the situation of Iraq’s sports teams. They filmed it in Iraq and interviewed a bunch of the former players who played when Uday (Saddam’s son) was head of sports for the country. They talked about how they were tortured (including having to jump into a vat of raw sewage after losing a game) if they didn’t meet the stringent expectations of Uday. They then showed that as the “rebuilding of Iraq” is going on, people are starting to play sports again, and athletes that were too scared to play for the dictators before are now playing once again. The coolest part was the Iraqi soccer team, which recently beat Saudi Arabia (how ironic) to qualify for the Olympics. I guess its a great feel-good story because the Iraqi people finally have something to take pride in as they face the dual challenges of rebuilding their country and dealing with the American occupation. I think this is where sports transcends politics and vindicates itself as being an integral part of the human experience: despite these challenges and the conflict(s) that still rage within that country today, sports are allowing people to come together and are giving them a reason to feel a sense of beloning both to their country and to the world. The Iraqi soccer team is probably going to get blown out in the Olympics, but I think the very fact that they’re going to be there has to be the greatest story that can possibly come out of the Olympics.

5. Finally, a quote from Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, whom I hope to become more acclimated with by the time this weekend is over: “For healing remedies differ as the sickness differs, and many a remedy helps one sick man and harms another.” Anyway, I won’t be updating this page till at least Tuesday, so that means you might have to find other forms of entertainment. Fireworks, softball, and beating “Bashir Aftab” until he’s senseless are all excellent possibilities…

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  1. As of July 8th, Ken Jennings has earned over $828,000 and won 26 games.

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