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June 24, 2004

This Book Might Not Sell Any Copies…

As we’re all trying to move on from the events of last week, something funny and interesting happened to come in the mail the other day. About a year ago, during my senior year at UIC, an author by the name of Pearl Gaskins came by to interview some of the Muslims for a book that she was working on. The book sought to capture the voices and opinions of young people and how they lived out their respective faiths in their everyday lives. She interviewed Jews, Christians, and Muslims of different backgrounds and perspectives and compiled their interviews into book form. I think the really cool part about the book is that it’s in the voices of real people–it’s not just some religious clergy-type person talking about their faith, rather, it’s young people talking about how they feel about religion in the context of their lives.

Anyway, its a good book, but I fear it might not sell any copies. I received a package in the mail from Ms. Gaskins on Monday, and when I opened it up and took a look at the cover, this is what I saw:

Whoa, who’s mug is that on the bottom right corner of the cover? I hope people aren’t going to boycott the book just because there’s a picture of that rascal on the cover.

Anyway, here’s the link:

There’s also many of the other UIC guys in the book whose interviews are published: Haron, Hasan, and Jihad, to name a few.

Finally, if anyone is interested in reading my interviews, there’s 3 of them, and they’re on pages 84-86, 108-109, and 189-192. She’s editted a lot of what people have said (she had to shorten the book by 150 pages), so there’s parts of my interviews where it kinda seems that it jumps around, but overall, she’s done a good job of keeping my main points in there.

Anyway, try not to give me negative eprops for this one guys…


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  1. Cool. I will have to pick that one up… 😀

  2. Anonymous permalink

    what shameless self-promotion

  3. I think it’s very beneficial for Jews, Muslims, and Christians to discuss religion together. Trying to understand any one of these three in isolation isn’t nearly as effective as studying each one in the context of the others. I’d like to get this book, even if it means I have to see Kamran on the cover.

  4. congrats man… I’m looking forward to read it…

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