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June 13, 2004

You have searched for a lion on rooftops

And tried to drink from the river with your fork

You are reading, but where is your book?

You are writing, but I do not see pen.

How can you feel the winds of Tihâna

If you will not stop your wayward flight


You see rings as millstones, oceans as puddles

Why do you feast upon radishes from your golden bowl?

If a bird finds a granary and loses one grain

Why should it be concerned with that loss?

You are concerned with the movement of shadows

Rather than that which causes its motion?


Cast aside thy lamp and witness the sun

What use is thy lamp to witness the sun?




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  1. An excellent poem, but it raises questions. One, what do you mean by “Tihana”? Two, what is the poem’s title?

  2. Tihana refers to certain mountains in the south of Arabia that were known even in pre-Islamic days for being mountains that had cool and pleasant breezes (particularly at night time) near their vicinity. This is eloquently related in the famous hadith of Umm Zar, when 11 women (before Islam) sit and discuss their husbands amongst themselves. One of the women who praises her husband makes mention of these mountains to describe her husband.
    As for the title… I couldn’t decide on one, and thus decided to leave it to the imagination of the reader.

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