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June 11, 2004

Can You Believe the Nerve…

Recently I’ve had some people tell me that I need to stop praising the Chappelle Show as the greatest achievement of the 21st century. Considering that the developments of the 21st century have redefined progress to be–essentially–one that is completely antithetical to previously held notions of progress, I think one might be able to make an argument for the Chappelle Show to be a significant achivement indeed.

You’re kidding, right Kamran? No, despite my tongue-in-cheek tone in writing this post, I think that the Chappelle Show is brilliant for capturing the ills and idiosyncrasies of society in a medium that is as universal as beauty: comedy. Like a modern Rumi, Dave Chappelle finds no problem in taking even the most outlandish societal problems (e.g., Tyrone Biggums, the crackhead) and rendering them into a medium that is both critical and entertaining. If someone thinks that the Chappelle Show is only a satire… then you haven’t really watched the show. To believe this is like the story that Rumi cites in his famous “In It is What is In It” (Fihi Ma Fihi) of a prince of a wise king who is instructed by the courtly scholars in the branches of knowledge. The king then tests the prince by holding a ring in his hand and asking the prince what is in his hand. The prince replies that it is round, it is yellow, and it has a hole in the middle. The king tells him that since he has described its features so perfectly, he asks him to tell him what is in his hand. The prince replies by saying that it is a millstone. The point? Knowledge of outward manifestations of a thing doesn’t necessarily correlate to knowing the inner dimensions of that thing. Note that I’m not trying to laud the Chappelle Show as the greatest thing since Gutenburg’s printing press… but y’all need to stop hatin and give props where its deserved.

From now on… if I hear anyone badmouth the Chappelle Show or tell me that I need to stop making it out to be so great because you “just don’t see what’s so funny”… so help me God…

Anyway, I wish I could post the “Samuel Jackson” commercial on here, but I have no server space… someone gimme some damn server space for a 14 MB file and I’ll post it


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