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May 31, 2004


An old Afghan proverb says: God must love stupid people; why else would He have created so many of them?

With that in mind, observe the following video of a bunch of UIC guys (including the infamous and adorable Faiz twins) who decided that the best way to move a sofa out of one’s apartment isnt necessarily to use the stairs. Rather, they figured that gravity can do all that hard work for them, and thus decided to… well.. I’ll let you see it for yourself:

The loud scream at the end of “Oh no!” isn’t even a realization of the stupid action they did. Rather, Mr. Adnan Faiz (mashallah, single and working brother in the blue shirt) is pushing the landed object, only to DROP his $400 cell phone (which is also a PDA) on the unforgiving pavement.

Not seen here is the final insult to injury, as these ‘geniuses’ live next to the Chancellor of the Rush School of Medicine… he came out and yelled at them after hearing all the commotion. It’s his house that this “projectile” strikes after hitting the pavement.


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  1. lol… can’t see the video though…

  2. Kamran the Chancellot of Rush never came out. You know that, too.Oh and DivX is required to view the video.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    If it was the U of I MSA that wouldn’t have happened.
    The U of I MSA wouldn’t throw a couch out the balcony instead of taking it down the stairs.
    They would however try throwing it up and catching it instead of taking it up the stairs. 

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