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May 26, 2004

Possibly the coolest Hadith ever…

‘Abdullah b. ‘Abbâs, may God be pleased with him, said: “The Messenger of God, may peace and blessings be upon him, said one day to his Companions: “What do you say of this verse: And you were not beside the Mountain when We called” [28:46] They said: “God and His Messenger know best.” And he told them, “When God spoke to Moses, upon whom be peace, he asked Him: ‘O Lord, Have You created any creature dearer to You than myself? For You have chosen and preferred me over mankind, and did speak to me on Mount Sinai.’ And God answered him, saying: ‘O Moses! Did you not know that Muhammad is dearer to Me than the rest of My creation? And that I looked into the hearts of My slaves, and, finding no heart humbler than yours, therefore chose and preferred you, with My Message and My Speech, over other men. Make sure, therefore, that you die in tawhîd and the love of Muhammad!’


‘Moses asked again: ‘O Lord! Is there any nation dearer to You than mine? For You have shaded them with the cloud, and sent down to them honeydew (manna) and quails (salwa) [2:57]. And God replied: ‘O Moses! Did you not know that the eminence of the nation of Muhammad over other nations is like My eminence over the whole of My creation? Moses asked: ‘O Lord! Will I see them?’ And He replied: ‘You will not see them, but if you wish, you can hear their speech.’ Moses said: ‘I do so wish.’ And thus God the Exalted called: ‘O nation of Muhammad!’ And they all answered with one voice, from within the loins of their ancestors: ‘Labbayk, Allâhumma Labbayk! [Here we are, O God!, Here we are!] And God the Exalted said: ‘My blessings and peace are upon you; My Mercy has outstripped My Wrath; My Forgiveness has outstripped My Punishment; I forgave you before you even asked for My Forgiveness; I answered you before you called upon Me; I gave to you before you asked of Me! Those of you who will meet me bearing witness that there is no god save God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, I will forgive them their sins.’”

‘And the Prophet, upon whom be blessings and peace, continued and said: “And God wished to favor me with this, so He said: And you were not beside the Mountain when We called; i.e., [when We called] your nation to let Moses hear them speak.”’

–narrated from “The Lives of Man” by Imam ‘Abdallah b. ‘Alawî al-Haddâd, from Tahârat al-Qulûb by Shaykh ‘Abd al-Azîz al-Dîrînî


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