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April 30, 2004

Imâm ‘Abdullah b. ‘Alawî al-Haddâd writes:


“According to this pattern, it behooves one to observe and think about such things as honor and debasement, obscurity and renown, distress and affluence, and all other conditions which may alternate in people’s lives. You will know that the fear of God and excellence of behavior render any of these conditions beautiful, good, and upright, whereas corruption and evil conduct render them ugly and degrading, and expose such people to censure from others and wrath and aversion from God Himself.


Mediate on this matter well; it includes subtle knowledge and provides answers to problematic situations. We could have elaborated at length. However, bringing to notice the little we have so far is sufficient for a vigilant, intelligent reader. ‘And God is knowing of all things (2:282).’….”


Imam al-Haddâd is the MAN…


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