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April 22, 2004

If you can’t beat em…

Considering all the hype my alleged robot dancing has generated on this website, I found this video of two of my proteges performing at a Korean talent show.

These two became my disciples and underwent an intense program of robot dancing, devoting themselves to the al-Raaqibi Tariqah of Robot Dancing, for which I hold several ijaazahs.

This video will serve as an introduction to the methods I teach at the Kamran Riaz Robot Dancing School. I am currently accepting applications for the summer session.


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  1. This video is so amazing…

  2. …that it earned 4 eProps from me.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    nope you can only give 2… all you managed to do was offset the eprops to comment ratio to 1:1 instead of 2:1.

  4. Blast you Mirza and your ratios

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Hey man, I may be an idiot in any class there is but fractions are something I actually understood. 😀

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