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April 21, 2004

1,000 hits? Wow guys, I’m honored, touched, and wait… there’s a tear in my eye, let me find a tissue. It’s pretty incredible that so many of you have graced this site (and some disgraced it by visiting and posting idiotic comments… hehe) and taken the time to read my writings. Sometimes they might be good, but more often than not, they’re nonsensical rants that I feel compelled to jot down in the hopes that some spark of truth may appear.

Anyway, the comment box is being hijacked by certain individuals and their allegations of my robot dancing. For the record, I have never robot danced (not that you people know of, at least, hehehe) but these comments about robot dancing are hilarious, so keep them coming.

Also, take a minute to give a brother some EProps guys…

Currently playing Limp Bizkit’s “Behind Blue Eyes”. Here’s some lyrics that probably define me:

No one knows what it’s like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes……..

But my dreams they aren’t as empty
As my conscience seems to be
I have hours, only lonely
My love is vengeance
That’s never free

Finally, some intelligent words from one Imam Bukhari:

“You cannot be a scholar unless you have learned from three people: someone with more knowledge, someone with equal knowledge, someone with less knowledge.”



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  1. Once again, Kamran Riaz has shown his ignorance of musical history by praising a group for their song lyrics despite the fact that it’s not even their song. They massacred the original masterpiece Kamran. Listen to the original version by The Who.Next time, praise the person who wrote the music and lyrics to the song and sound half-way cultured, instead of praising some idiots who copied the whole song and did a crap job of it at that.Mode

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