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April 6, 2004

Alright, I know I haven’t posted in a long time, but around this time last week, I suddenly remembered that I’m still in med school and I ought to start studying for these two exams that I had on Monday. So as I did that, I forgot to update this site and rant about many things that happened during the past week. Let’s begin:

1. Pop quiz, hotshot: Which picture should we as Muslims be more indignant about? Both pictures are from Iraq, the first from Fallujah, the other from an unknown location in Iraq. Both are recent pictures that bear witness to recent events. Again, which picture shall we be more concerned with?

Answer: both. It seems Muslims are only enraged by picture B and very few people have been as adamant in their denunciation of picture A. While a few groups (such as CAIR, etc) have condemned both events, I find that the topic of discussion amongst Muslims is more about picture B than picture A.  And that’s problematic. The Prophet said, “Help your brother even if he is the oppressor or the oppressed.” The Companions asked, “How can we help him if he is the oppressor?”. He replied, “By removing him from doing oppression.” Too often do Muslims become passionate about issues such as picture B and spew forth emotional rhetoric to express their feelings. How often do we become as enthusiastic (or even interested) in decrying oppression when done by our co-religionists, as seen in picture A? I know that most Muslims of conscience would not seek to defend the horrific actions of Fallujah, but sometimes silence implies complicity. It’s not just about having good PR; it’s about making sure that we acknowledge that we have a tarnished image in the eyes of the global community and we must take the extra (and yes, this is quite unfair) steps to rebuild that prestige and honor we once had.

People have a negative image of Muslims, that’s an agreed upon fact. In response, we can do two things: 1. lament about how unfair it is for them to have such an image and opinion of us, using tactics such as blaming the media, etc. 2. be proactive and seek to change this image by sayings/actions of excellence (ihsan) that demonstrate the true spirit of Islam. Too long have we impotently tried choice 1… let us move to adopt choice 2 as our new modus operandi.

2. The Bulls suck. That’s it, I’ve followed every game this season, trying to watch at least some portion of it, cheering them on, urging them with my mind powers to play better… all in vain. The whole freakin team (except for my boy Hinrch) needs to be traded, cut, or sent to the kitchen at Denny’s.

(From left to right: Kirk Hinrich (kept), Tyson Chandler (traded/cut), Ronald Dupree (needs to be sent to kitchen at Denny’s))

3. The Bears are looking better and better as this offseason goes along. They finally got the sense to build a decent offensive line to protect their white quarterback (sure they didn’t need a line last year since a black man was playing QB). Again, I’m really excited (as I am every year before the season starts) and I hope I’m not disappointed.

4. Going back to my last post about the Spelling/Vocab thing, I said I was gonna do something about it besides just rant and rave.  Alhamdulillah, after proposing the idea to several people, it looks like this Spelling/Vocab contest is gonna happen. I will wait to post the details, including the website for the contest, until everything is finalized by Wednesday (hopefully). What I need from people: tell your little brothers/sisters and all 5-10th graders you know about this thing and motivate them to participate and take advantage of this opportunity.

5. As my profile says, I am a certified bracketologist and hence it comes as no surprise that I won the UICMSA NCAA brackets pool for 2004 by correctly picking UConn to win it all.


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  1. Both pictures are very disturbing. We need to do so much more. And I don’t know what duas to make. My grandmother taught me to pray, “Ya Allah, make the Muslims act like Muslims.” I pray for unity, justice, and peace throughout the world. And I ask, “Ya Arham-ur-Rahimeen, be merciful to your creation.”

  2. I do agree when you say that the acts in Fallujah were not Islamic but thinking from their point of view, they showed their anger and I’m sure that every soldier will think twice before entering that city. Bush was shown with a face where he was about to cry because of what happened there. Where were his emotions when bombs were thrown at a wedding in Afghanistan? why wasn’t He sad when they bombed civilian targets both in Afghanistan and Iraq? Now he thinks it’s disgusting to see these images.
    I’m not saying it’s Islamic to do that but I think they taught someone a good lesson. It’s funny how many times this scene was shown on CNN.

  3. fahad, i find your last comment really quite disturbing. essentially what you’ve written is that a machiavellian approach to dealing with matters (ie, the ends justify the means) is acceptable.
    in response, i can only quote the following hadith:
    Abu Yaala Shaddad bin Aws said that the messenger of Allah said :”Verily Allah has prescribed proficiency in all things. Thus, if you kill, kill well; and if you slaughter, slaughter well. Let each one of you sharpen his blade and let him spare suffering to the animal he slaughters.”Related by Muslim.

  4. oh I told you I dont agree with the way they killed but what else can they do? can you read urdu? if you can read this:

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