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March 18, 2004

This is a few days late, but here goes:

Rachel Corrie: 1979-2003

Alas for the agèd! How many spend their years

Searching for meaning in their transient lives;

You have shamed us all with your life

And shaken our souls with your death.


The diseased eye will reject light due to its sickness,

The song of the bulbul is meaningless to the deaf;

What can the ‘ajam appreciate of Arabic—

And what can the unjust know of justice?


The world shed a tear when the Buddhas were shattered

And to this day laments the destruction of the wonders of Rome;

It was not the Parthenon, nay, only a house they destroyed

Yet a year later, does mankind even care?


Like a resplendent sun, you stood there: defiant, proud, and courageous—

The Fourth Geneva Convention was scoffed at today;

And your orange cloak would have no meaning on this day

The world would lose a treasure as you would now shine from the heavens.


How many lives will man crush before he sees that truth will remain?

Your body may have fallen on that tragic ground

But like the falcon, your spirit tirelessly soars on


One year later, nothing has changed—

Yet one year later, your legacy remains etched in our memories

One year later, all I have are 24 lines for what might have been your 24th year.


One year later, you continue to shame me with your nobility—

I pray that one year later, your sacrifice shall not be in vain.


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