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First Xanga post ever

March 11, 2004

Before I start, a moment of silence for my former journal at is in order. It was fun writing the journal for more than a year and half now, but I had to move on. The website was down too many times and it didn’t have all the features that xanga apparently has, such as being able to include pictures, having a hitcounter, etc.  Farewell blurty, farewell…

A couple of things to ramble about today kids, including “A Woman I Hate More Than Paris Hilton”, “T-Mac the Exemplary”, and “Chicken Salan”:

1. We start first with obviously the thing that must have captured your attention in the previous paragraph. As we’re all familiar with the hatred I have for Paris Hilton, one cannot help but wonder who can be so vile, so despiccable, so as to incur my wrath and be hated by me more than Paris.  This can be none other than one Ann Coulter, alleged columnist and self-proclaimed female version of Daniel Pipes.  After reading her most recent article (, I shudder to be a Dean of the university that gave her a degree and allowed her to graduate.  Casting aside her right-wing paranoia and hysteria, the article reeks of Coulter’s complete inability to be original.  While she is supposedly writing about the movie (“Passion of the Christ”), she cannot make any point without reverting to her one and only ‘field of expertise’, ie, Islam-bashing.  Even then, I can live with that, but what was even more pathetic is how the entire article is replete with her claims that the public is a bunch of ignorant peasants who know nothing compared to her and her ‘vast and extensive’ knowledge of Islam, Muslims, and Muslim history.

Case in point, the statement: “Being nice to people is, in fact, one of the incidental tenets of Christianity (as opposed to other religions whose tenets are more along the lines of “kill everyone who doesn’t smell bad and doesn’t answer to the name Mohammed”).” Again, she’s writing about the freakin MOVIE, not about Islam, yet she has to resort to Islam-bashing to make any sort of point about the movie. Ever her other articles, anytime there seems to be a problem (national security, international political stability, breaking a nail), she blames ‘those radical Islamics’ (wtf is an ‘islamic’, Ann?). Second, Coulter has said in the past that Muslims (specifically the Egyptians) don’t bathe and therefore smell. Apparently with her extensive knowledge of history she didn’t read how it was the Muslims who taught the Europeans the concept of bathing and personal hygiene.  And even now, when you look at the standards of “Western personal hygiene” today as compared to the Muslim standards of personal hygiene, you cannot help but rate Coulter’s comment as a leading candidate for oxymoron of the year.

And to Ann: That’s what happens when you use half of your allotted article space to bash on everyone else for not knowing anything; you forget to write anything that makes a logical argument and can stand up to critical scrutiny. And gasp, you yourself end up proving that you know nothing. Maybe it’s time you stop patting yourself on the back and admiring your plastic laurels and actually write an article that doesn’t overly betray your paranoia and inadequacies in every sentence. Because of this, you are THE leading candidate for “kr’s most hated female of the year award”.

2. Anyone see my boy T-Mac drop 62 points tonight? 20-37 from the field, 17-26 from the charity stripe, 10 boards, 5 dimes… definitely the best performance in the NBA this year. Too bad he’s on a crappy team with no one else to help him. That’s why I thought it was a real good-guy moment when I saw the press conference on Sportcenter (nah nah nah… nah nah nah) and he said:

“I really didn’t enjoy it, but I should have… Usually when I have a big game like this, the crowd is going crazy and I like getting into it with them, but I didn’t feel it tonight. I couldn’t get into it because of the record we have, the fact we’re not going nowhere after the regular season — it’s just frustrating.”

And people said he isnt a team player…

3. As further proof that I am utterly bored during spring break, I helped my mom and aunt in the kitchen last night, first by chopping an army of vegetables and then by actually making chicken salan with directoring from both sides. After sauteeing an onion, adding chicken, then adding garlic/ginger/chilli powder/haldi/tomato sauce/yogurt/miscellaneous, I was the proud father of an amazingly delicious chicken salan. I self-dubbed myself as “Master of the Chicken Salan” and therefore if you wish to speak to me, you must address me as such. I felt so proud that I didn’t want anyone to eat it, and when I ate the leftovers today for lunch, I shed a tear for destroying my own creation. Regardless, besides feeling like a total chick yesterday, I learnt that all desi salans are pretty much the same concept, with a few variations here and there. I can’t wait to help out tomorrow night… you know, maybe if this med school facade doesn’t work out, I’m going to have my own cooking show on the Food Network.

4. Finally, Shaykh Mawlana Nazim Mangera (teacher at CPSA) sent me a picture of his cute and oh-so-eatable kid (Rayhan) that I can’t help but putting up here at the end as a reminder that despite the insanity that occurs in the world, children are often the surest (and sometimes the only) sign that God’s mercy and love still permeate all of us. I think that will be my closing thought for the moment.

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